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  1. How I felt about the last seasons of Money Heist. The Berlin flashbacks for me I skipped to begin with, so a whole series about him? No thanks.
  2. Glad I am not the only one that appreciated that rule. Made the competition all the more prestigious imo.
  3. So he's essentially on £800kpw + royalties he receives from images rights. Not bad.
  4. Rudiger esq performances from Disasi these past couple match weeks. 2 points off 7th.
  5. Only use Netflix nowadays for their documentaries. I wouldn't dare watch any Netflix original series/films with the cookie cutter plot they constantly recycle. Stranger Things and Squid Games. That's it.
  6. It's funny how the mens team is all about the future or building for the future, the project, the project, the project, etc, etc, whereas the womens team is is straight to business. Transfers that fit immediate needs and they just appointed that Lyon manager to replace Emma Hayes, where in the women's football world is like replacing Klopp with Pep.
  7. Yeah good film. Didn't know he was the first athlete in history to receive royalties off of his branded products. His mother always knew he'd ascend to greatness.
  8. $98 billion aid for Ukraine and Israel yet the majority of Americans can't afford homes, health care, or have salaries that can keep up with this inflation. God Bless America.
  9. Best performance of the season
  10. Incredible actor in his own right and responsible in help making the first two Rocky films into cinematic masterpieces. RIP Champ.
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