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  1. Why the fuck does Dunkirk have a 7.9 on IMDB?

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    2. football forum


      Think that number is nothing to go by really. You've got people who just got there and give it a 5 because its not really their kind of movie. Now open that up to the world and the numbers start to look a bit skewed. I'd also wager that a lot of those people never even watched the movie and read a review which slated the movie and just said sure i'll give it a lower score. 

    3. football forum


      It's a fine film but it's nowhere near perfect, nor is 7.9 a bad score. If 5/10 was the minimum bar for a decent albeit unremarkable film then 7.9/10 is quite high.

    4. football forum


      It's a 7/10 film.

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