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  1. Anyone here ever play as a GK competitively? And if so, why did you find playing as a GK enjoyable? 

    1. football forum


      Yup, it’s my position. I was a CF till I was about 23 but got a bad injury and took my pace away. In goal, I’m in charge. It’s my responsibility and honestly, tipping a worldie onto the post and winning a competition in extra time was a better feeling than scoring the winner. Genuinely.

    2. football forum


      Does Sunday League count as competitively xD? Even so, I played there before being moved to CB through combination of not having enough tall defenders and having a better GK come through. But I enjoyed it because I was good at it - my height was a big advantage but I loved being there as that last line of defence to stop anything going past me. I was quite vocal so could organise well. I also remember saving a lot of penalties which is a great feeling be it during the game or in shoot-outs.

    3. football forum

      Khan of TF365

      Not professionally, but I occasionally punched teammates and other players in the face while punching away the ball, deliberately.

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