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  1. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    I’d be wary if International football, often very hard to find value in (England 1/10 tonight for example despite Kosovo’s decent form)
  2. Have written up a piece on why United need to replace Lukaku and who could do it, interested to know what United fans think/who you’d go for? https://footyfiles.net/2019/09/08/replacing-romelu-lukaku/ Aware I haven’t used options abroad but didn’t want to kid myself into thinking I knew more about some of them! Mandzukic rumours in the summer starting to make sense more and more now
  3. England U21s have a couple of games as well, some interesting new names after the Euros mess! Willock pulled out injured, there waa another thats slipped my mind Diangana and Eche added to the squad
  4. Rebic a class signing! Schick out and Kalinic in questionable business mind
  5. Be a huge loss for Swansea given his start to the season! Sanchez move pretty much sorted, no idea how Inter will fit them all in or where Sanchez fits the system of 3 at the back
  6. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    If anyone is interested I’ve written a little preview for a betting website on Spurs Newcastle (can send the link) Main fancy is Spurs to nil today, Ritchie to be booked at 4s carries value
  7. Garner, Chong, Traore & Ramazani all really impressed, but wasn't one player who didn't look good! Very promising for United, Traore in particular having never heard of him before looks a player
  8. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    Have used it a while but haven’t invested anything for ages, so have been looking to get back into it. I’ll head over that thread
  9. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    Class will have a look
  10. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    Any advice on football index players?
  11. cb_96

    Tips & Bets 365

    Where’s the value this weekend like and who’s everyone bankers?
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