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  1. I, me and myself. On a more serious note: Storts, Marc and José
  2. Pretty sure Norwich are the greenest club in the PL. 50% of their kit is green
  3. AMG

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Just bought my first car yesterday. http://classifieds.team-bhp.com/buy-used-for-sale/62541/New Delhi/2007/Hyundai/Getz.html/ Yes. Its a Hyundai. Yes it's used. Yes, I'm poor.
  4. AMG

    Question a Member: JoshBRFC

    Okay. Here we go again. Why rovers, and not the city? Sorry @Pyfish, stole your question.
  5. Shouldn't have. Gasly is a talentless gimp who's a waste of a F1 seat.
  6. I'd rather have Gattuso, TBH.
  7. AMG

    Cars & Motorcycles

    I just won this thread. That 1970 though. 🤤
  8. AMG

    New Server

    2 beers is way too less. Anything less than a 6 pack is unacceptable.
  9. Reminds me of the limited edition coconut red bull summer can. I'm quite conflicted by it actually. I don't really like coconut, but it certainly tastes better than the standard stuff. That reminds me, gotta try the new limited edition orange flavour