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  1. AMG

    Motorsports - General Chat

    So, what's the gossip on MotoGP or WSBK these days?
  2. AMG

    Daniel Farke: Promotion Not Realistic

    Let's get to the playoffs, and we'll see from there. But saying that you are not even aspiring to be in the top 6, well fuck off, then. Also, reading between the lines, this means we're going to sell a few quality players, and not buy anything good in particular. Really dislike both the current owner as well as the manager, both of whom Marc happens to be a fan of.
  3. AMG

    Marcus Rashford Wanted by AC Milan

    Really hope Milan gets him. Just so that they don't end up with another 35 year old player, who, for whatever reason, is the first choice.
  4. AMG

    2018 FIH Hockey World Cup

    Pakistan's been eliminated, mate.
  5. This is just for the nominations. The actual voting will be by a poll later, in another thread.
  6. Goalkeepers are usually considered to be a very safe pair of hands. Why would she need Blue's ?
  7. Well done Spurs. Glad you knocked those Inter cunts out.
  8. I see the point that you are trying to make here. It's a bit like PSG needs more competition in the domestic league to be taken seriously, else people will keep writing them off for being in a easy league. But the same goes for Barca. If La Liga wasn't so competitive, neither Barca nor Real would be such iconic household names in places where the problems are far bigger than football.
  9. AMG

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Those are quite common in Germany, especially around Christmas. But happens when you let in one too many peaceful helpless followers of the religion of peace.
  10. AMG

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    If football was about size, Peter Crouch would score from every corner Liverpool took, and players like ngolo kante and Messi wouldn't be around.
  11. Imagine being called GOAT because you've only played for one club, throughout your career, and that club literally revolves around you, so that you can set up a style of football that makes you shine. Yeah. Messi is a great.
  12. AMG

    Thierry Henry at Monaco

    A single man can't run a club as big as Monaco into the ground. What are they now? 19th, IIRC. There's surely a lot more going on behind the scenes. Poor Henry will be made the scapegoat, though.