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  1. except all roads lead to a new and more transmissible variant.
  2. the british governments road map out of covid. for our american friends who dont know what this is we call it a roundabout. it lets you drive round and round until you are back where you started.
  3. maybe you should read all posts and not just mine rucksack ol buddy that why you will know whats going on.
  4. no. but what im saying is if a person would deny another person human rights then they deserve the same rights that they show others. you cant piss and scream about human rights if you are not willing to give the same rights to others. bit off topic i know but i just wanted to make that point.
  5. do you not think that people that dont respect human rights should not be given human rights. like do you give human rights to anyone that would deny human rights to others. i see many people from all kinds of religion wish death on others then say we deserve human rights. imo you need to give people rights if you want to receive them.
  6. im just messing with him stan ffs. you like to laugh and mess with people its just friendly banter mate.
  7. hope they are not all normal white people tommy
  8. dont panic mate i was just asking. what is it with you and panicking. chill out ffs. anyway back on topic. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-uks-indian-coronavirus-variant-cases-more-than-double-in-the-past-week-12305674 looks like the end is not as near as we thought.
  9. good. because you telling me im a normal white person the other day along with homophobic comments would not look good for you buddy. but i will take you at your word because you are a top man.
  10. good to see. the last thing we need now is panic.
  11. no problem. not sure why you were panicking i thought you would have known this.
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