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  1. DeadLinesman


    Ai, willing the 49ers on. Fuck Mahomes, Kelce and Swift. All cunts.
  2. It’s from 2022. Boehly was splashing the cash Jan ‘23 onwards.
  3. How does Onana let every shot in? I mean that was at him and he fucking ducked out of the way.
  4. Genuinely hope Tierney dies in a car crash on his way home.
  5. As shit as Chelsea have been and done themselves no favours, Tierney is giving Liverpool every single 50/50. He’s such a Homer.
  6. I don’t know what handball rule is anymore,
  7. I’ll see you at Wash Lane in a few years. Warrington Town here we go!
  8. What a glorious time to be alive. Hopefully this is all part of the tide turning for us. New management, Klopp gone, Pep in the mud, Citeh relegated to the Bostock Northern Premier. Great days.
  9. Fuck sake. Sorry meant, been half dead the last 3 weeks.
  10. Zidane also stood out in quite literally one of the strongest international teams of all time with superstar world class players in every single position in an era of strong international football.
  11. Zidane shits all over Mbappe both at domestic and international level. It’s not even a conversation.
  12. Sorry mate, only just seen this. You’d best just get the tram into either town or Salford Quays. I’m partial to an Almost Famous burger in town. Fucking amazing.
  13. Fuck me. Well it took a little longer for the mask to slip, but it happened eventually.
  14. Calling everyone out: then gets offended when someone DMs him. The bloke is an utter fucking helmet. Either there’s allegations coming against him, he’s got a podcast coming out or he’s Lol Fox’s new best mate. I’m going for all 3.
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