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  1. Randy Rhoads was one of the best guitarists ever, shame he didn't leave behind a bigger catalog for all of us. RIP

    1. football forum


      Classically trained musician doing some very interesting music in the world of rock. Having said that, what's your favorite riff from Rhoads?

    2. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      I don't know about a favourite riff tbh... but the solos in Mr. Crowley are fucking phenomenal. What's your favourite riff and/or solo of his?

    3. football forum


      When I first heard the simple riff that opens up Crazy Train I was thinking can't be that hard but at the time I was more into Bass and then the switch to that solo. Then I heard Dee and I was thinking this can't be the same guy. Masterpiece in the handwork as far as I am concerned.

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