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  1. Yeah there's an Assyrian population in Iran too - I do think it's significantly less than the populations of Syrian/Iraqi Assyrians though. I'm not sure about that. Tbh, I forgot they're Christians too - looking at the numbers though, they're an extreme minority even compared to Armenians living in Iran.
  2. The one negative (imo) about Gasperini is the one time he was at a big club he failed big time. So he might be Hodgson-esque, where he's not a bad manager by any means... but once he's in a role where the pressure is seriously on to deliver, he's not the best guy for the job. Imo I'm not sure age should be a consideration for who to appoint. A young up and coming type of manager is good in that they might have a better idea of how to do things in this modern era of football compared to say Mourinho. But I wouldn't say managers with some experience are necessarily dinosaurs tactically - I think Gasperini at 66 with Atalanta over the last few years proves that pretty emphatically. Or Ancelotti at Madrid. The real consideration should be who's going to have us in the best possible position in 3 years, which is likely going to be the length of their contract when they sign with us. If that's a younger up and comer, great - more chance for them to sign an extension and stay with us for a considerable amount of time. If that's someone older where we might be needing a new manager again in 3 years, but they delivered over those 3 years... that's fine by me too. But after so many wasted years in transition and us suddenly finding ourselves in a season where we unexpectedly are competing for a league title - I think the goal should be bringing in someone to keep that as the standard for the next 3 years. My worry with a younger manager is, for any new manager a first season is always a transitional season and expectations should be tempered. I do worry that those without as much experience might have to do some learning on the job that makes the transitional period last a bit longer. Having said that, Xabi Alonso at Leverkusen seems to be doing fine despite the fact that Bayern I think are statistically having a better season than they had last year. So maybe I'm just too apprehensive of someone without experience under pressure due to that time with Rodgers.
  3. There's actually a decent sized Christian population because there a decent number of Armenians in Iran - and people living in Esfahan take advantage of the fact there's many Christian Armenians who are allowed to buy/sell wine by making friends with them so they can skirt the alcohol ban. But you're right that Christianity has a pretty minor history in Iran, outside of Armenian-Iranians... I don't know of any other Christian Iranians. But there's enough of them that it's one of the 4 protected religions in Iran - along with Islam, Zoroastrians (even though they've faced persecution lol), and Jews (same lol).
  4. There’s been a slight rise in people converting to Christianity, but it’s not like people are converting in droves. More people are just abandoning religion altogether. Zoroastrian symbolism is on the rise as people using symbols of Iran’s pre-Islamic past are used as symbols of resisting their government… but it’s not as though people are actually becoming practicing Zoroastrians. Unsurprisingly though, people living under a government that oppresses them in the name of religion are becoming a hell of a lot less religious.
  5. He’s not that bad he’s had Atalanta punching above their weight for years
  6. Knee jerk reaction - but if we're looking at people that have a decent track record but not much to show in the way of winning things in a big league... Gasperini from Atalanta's got a history of doing well on a budget and he's clearly very good tactically.
  7. Get a bunch of VAR replay operators, they seem to know the game better than the refs.
  8. Like with Gakpo & Diaz... I think if we get a decent offer we should take it. Maybe someone like Simeone can get the most out of him with Atletico... or maybe the new manager can get the most out of a forward that's good at everything but finishing. But I think we probably need to look at rebuilding our attack after this season because it's been our biggest weakness.
  9. No way we turn this around. But also... what consistent threat? We've had 5 attackers on and something like just 2 shots on target lol. Our attack is as sharp as a blunt spoon at the moment.
  10. Elliot's got a good work ethic, but when he's part of the front 3 rather than in a midfield role he's predictably shit. Nunez... I like his attitude but he makes Heskey look like a lethal finisher. I've got nothing positive to say about Gakpo this season, I don't understand why we signed him tbh - he's not really good at anything. So yeah, disgraceful front 3 that.
  11. I don't want to wait too long to see referees lose their jobs to automation when they could be made redundant sooner.
  12. You know the performance has been terrible if Gakpo's looking like our best player on the pitch.
  13. Shame we've saved our worst performances of the season for the end of the season. Rubbish performance though, these players should be ashamed of themselves.
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