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  1. Researching what grill/BBQ to buy seems like the most American thing I've ever done in my entire lifeĀ :usa:

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      I'm with Spike on a lot of what he said especially Kettle grills. I started out on a really small one (Kettle 18") and then moved up over time to a much better one (Summit 24") just because we started grilling more and the weather is perfect in the winter time here for that kind of cooking as well. As for the choice between gas and charcoal, I have minimal experience in the gas department but when it comes to charcoal I like the taste of it more and you have to be very choosy with the kind of charcoal you put in it and how long it will keep the heat going. Plus theres the option of trying various grill styles based on how long you're cooking meat for. I will try and find a great video I used for an almost "all-day" cook with a porkĀ roast style and it turned out so well only because of the way the heat was setup based on the charcoal placement. One of the bigger hurdles to overcome initially with a kettle style grill is just learning how to get your heat going and placing meat away from direct heat and when to put it back on but that comes with time and experimentation.

      The other nice thing about Weber Charcoal Grills is that when you start going upwards they come with great mechanisms to flush out ash and dispose of but just so that you know it isn't going to absolve you of all the work and will require elbow-grease compared to their gas counterparts. I also agree with the ceramic BBQ because the heat distribution is lovely and with other styles like water troughs, etc you can do some very serious and great tasting BBQ.

      Let me know what you end up purchasing.

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      There you go mate

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      Dr. Gonzo

      Lol I like when he's like "I don't have any affiliations" but also that he would like them lol

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