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  1. Future looks pretty bright when you can take off senior players for academy players to go into extra time, then hang on and once into extra time they go on look the better side (even though if Chelsea could have been clinical late on in regular time they probably would have stolen a win).
  2. At least he’s off now but I don’t understand how Gallagher avoided a booking all match.
  3. Officials are clearly and obviously not capable of officiating a cup final.
  4. Get in! How many times can Gallagher and Caicedo get away with fouling Mac Allister before getting a booking by the way? But okay Gallagher, if you want to foul there - go for it.
  5. The commentators on my stream saying Concedo’s awful tackle was “accidental” - doesn’t look so accidental to me though.
  6. Commentators don’t call anybody out for that tbh. And the reason is probably they don’t want to end up slating anybody on the off chance there’s an actual injury and end up looking like the most massive cunts
  7. If it makes you feel any better these Chelsea players don’t look very confident either.
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