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  1. Game 107: 18th minute Game 108: 22nd minute
  2. I think Mercedes want to evaluate how Antonelli does in F2. If he's ready I think they might give him the Mercedes seat straight away. Like Toto said, he doesn't want to lose Antonelli the way he lost Max, when he didn't manage to show him a way with Mercedes in F1. If Antonelli maybe needs 1-2 more years to be ready for F1, I could see them going for Seb until Antonelli is ready.
  3. That's what you get for doubting the Hulk! I got Gasly correct though.
  4. Really? I thought he came across as quite down to earth. Lives in a small apartment, doesn't really like flashy cars etc.
  5. Haas actually looks pretty decent. Much better than I expected. Especially if they really fixed their tyre deg issue in the race.
  6. I've altered my predictions for a last time.
  7. @Coma @Stan @nudge @MUFC don't forget to get your predictions in! Quali today!
  8. Look at that adorable smile.
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