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  1. Almost all of those things are still something kids do or have today.
  2. Finished Ripley (2024) last night 9/10 for me. The story had it's flaws, but the cinematography and the atmosphere were outstandingly brilliant. Andrew Scott as Ripley was absolutely amazing as well. And so many interesting background characters that were played so well by the actors. And there was a cute and funny cat.
  3. Saturday 27th April, 2024 Jahn Regensburg 2-1 Dresden, 13.00 Bayern Munich 3-1 Frankfurt, 14.30 Edinburgh City 2-1 Stirling Albion Fenerbahce 2-1 Besiktas, 17.00 Juventus 2-2 AC Milan, 17.00 Chelsea Women 2-1 Barcelona Women, 17.30 Amiens 0-1 Troyes, 18.00 Schalke 0-2 Dusseldorf, 19.30 Sunday 28th April, 2024 Connah's Quay 1-2 TNS, 17.30 Real Betis 2-1 Sevilla, 20.00
  4. Game 125: 22nd minute Game 126: 15th minute
  5. That was great to see today. How much it meant to him.
  6. MSV Duisburg's women have been relegated from the Bundesliga today.
  7. Well and truly invincible. I was sure they lost, when I checked the score and they were 0-1 and a man down.
  8. I don't like hating on guys, and he seems like a nice kid, but I really don't think Sargeant has what it takes for F1.
  9. TIL there's a club called Gotham FC. That's cool as fuck.
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