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  1. I like Discord. I guess this poll was influenced by my usual present "I don't like new things-attitude". And I also think that the people who gave it a try for like 5 minutes and said no straight away never really were ready to give it a fair chance. We've had some good and memorable moments on there in a short amount of time. As mentioned above, the Mafia Wars was BY FAR the best we've had.
  2. I really like the Persil branding. Also reminds me of that building we have in Düsseldorf called the Wilhelm-Marx-Haus, but for the longest time I always called it the Persil building.
  3. Happy Birthday @Carnivore Chris and @Bluebird Hewitt
  4. Well, there is another forum, but I'd rather be dead than associate with those people.
  5. I'm in a state where I constantly go from Stage 1 to 4.
  6. Farewell. What a shame, really.
  7. Hopefully she won't become a Schalke fan. That's just a lifetime of suffering.
  8. I need Dortmund and Union to win, and Bruno must cause an upset against Bayern! I have spoken.
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