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  1. The name they are mentioning on twitter does not live in that Area mentioned. Another 29 year old lives in the area mentioned playing for a team in red.
  2. My horse dick just got hard!
  3. Panna King


    It is not allegations he has been convicted of Drug trafficking and was Jailed for 10 years in the 90s. I have been in one of his Gyms several times as a lot of MMA fighters train there and Kickboxers.
  4. Panna King


    I wouldnt trust Peter Fury who was part of the Dutch Mafia, exporting Drugs using his boxing links from his Gyms in Rotterdam.
  5. Has to be one of the strangest buys the club have ever made, its clears Arteta doesnt want him anywhere near his squad.
  6. Panna King


    I remember when Tyson Fury used to be based in The Netherlands at his uncle Peter gym in Rotterdam, he used to train a lot in Nijmegen as well, his Uncle Peter was jailed for Drug smuggling and used to have a lot of businesses with well known Dutch gangsters..
  7. Panna King


    Wilder will be paid off to skip the fight, figure of 20 million dollars will be given to him.
  8. Fines are a waste of time in football when there is so much money in circulation in the game, the same problems will still happen. Also I like to know where does that money actually go when they do get fined! I know Uruguay has a huge problem, when Suarez first moved to the Netherlands to play for FC Groningen he said he had to adjust to the culture as didn't know he couldn't say certain things when it came to race like he could in Uruguay and even at Ajax when he was done for biting he came up with the same excuse about the culture.
  9. He has been doing well considering, he was man of the match last week in Sparta Rotterdam's win.
  10. The problem is a lot of footballers are uneducated scumbags or come from certain countries that don't seem to have any take racism whatsoever that they do not think they are doing anything wrong by saying certain things.
  11. Quincy Promes is close to be joining Spartak Moscow, it looks like he is set to leave the Netherlands even though there is still a charge for a stabbing.
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