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  1. Best game from Bremen of the games I have seen this season. They might get a European place if they continue like this. Paulinho was good for Leverkusen. He could be another star in the making.
  2. Bremen looking very comfortable, with Bayer creating little. I see Havertz coming on at half time.
  3. Relling

    Germany National Team Discussion

    Length is not an indicator for the quality of a conversation... Something to say to your wife!
  4. You might be right that the serie A is a bit better than the Bundesliga (I would not know), but given that going by uefa coefficient the German teams outperformed the Italian ones in 13/14, 15/16,16/17 and so far in 18/19 I do not think results in Europe show that there is a big gap in quality. Anyway, great game by Frankfurt. I liked how their mindset did not become passive after taking the lead. It is great watching them in Europe this season.
  5. Good 2nd half from the green team.
  6. shit poor penalty. Fucking Kruse
  7. They were clear second. 8 points ahead of third. They never impressed though. Just grinded out results with a solid defence. This year they grind out losses. No clear reason why they have become much worse.
  8. I am sceptical about Pavard. Süle seems a much better player to me, allthough he also have had some sub par games lately. Süle also a fast player.
  9. Rashica fresh. Does Bremen well to have som pace in attack.
  10. Anyone who follows the Bundesliga will know that the German league has been falling in standard compared to the other top leagues. Also in Germany this is pretty much accepted as truth. Last year was a low point with horrible results in Europe. This year has been a bit better, but that may in part be because of favourable draws for the group stages. More important for the followers of the league is that there is a title race for the first time for a very long time, there are quite a few teams playing enterprising and entertaining football (compared to previous years) and a goal average of over 3 goals per game. Fair play to Krasnodar. They looked a good side side over the two legs and not undeservedly stay in the competition.
  11. Are we many watching the evening game? Come on Bremen!