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  1. Relling

    Erling Haaland - Man United/Arsenal

    Not the type of striker Favre likes to play With though. I hope that Favre was happy With the deal and intend to use him. I do not think that would be advisable.
  2. For now, I think their Focus should be to stay in the division.
  3. So, do you beautiful, though cynical and dark hearted, experts, think anyone can challenge Bayern for the title this year? Who would be more likely? RB, BVB, Gladbach, someone else?
  4. The Dortmunders played like men possesed in that second half. Great to watch.
  5. I think the free kick would have been pretty clear somewhere else on the pitch. Hitting a guy too late means free kick, not that the situation is over.
  6. Relling

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    Congratulations to you, sir. You deserve it after all those though days in the big games.
  7. Boscz and Favre should be safe for me. Both teams in touching distance of the league lead, and both teams vastly improved since they took over as head coaches.
  8. On the pitch? I do play a though game, but your injury worries are hardly that bad
  9. Good result for Bremen. Great watch for the neutral
  10. Intense game. Gladbach played well. You have to feel for them.
  11. Thanks anyway. I have a cold and my brain is porridge. I will follow the ticker then.
  12. Is the frankfurt game on radio somewhere?
  13. Relling

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    Congrats to Saarbrücken!
  14. Mylady, I hope it is not out of place to offer my sincere wishes for your happy birthday. If I have overstepped, I humbly beg you to forgive me.