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  1. Relling


    Chess.com. I also have an account on lichess. My chess persona is Oivind_Thorshaug. Sometimes I manage to play some decent games on daily chess at chess.com. Look at me destroy an IM: :p https://lichess.org/L0DOIRfq#43
  2. Relling


    I play quite a bit online, and also a bit in a club. I am just a patzer though. Around 1400 FIDE. My biggest win was against a young woman who was 92th in the junior world championships for women. I hope I will have the time to improve in the future, and travel to some tournaments. It seems nice to go to places like the Bankok chess club open and the Gibralter chess festival and combine chess and vacation. I found this docu a great watch.
  3. If something like that is possible in today's media landscape, I agree. The players should not concern themselves which such matters anyway.
  4. I think it helps Glabach in some ways though. It gives Eberl plenty of time to find a replacement, which is important. And it also puts an end to the speculations, which can be good for Rose and the squad. Still, very sad for Gladbach to have to let him go. I hope they will steady the ship regardless.
  5. A lot of good stuff from Wirtz tonight. Might be a world beater in the making.
  6. The fans are the mot important part of a club, not something exterior.
  7. I remember a skijumper called Hoeness in my childhod. He must have been a hero, since I named my piggy bank after him. Or maybe it was really named after Uli.
  8. My attempt to not be boring: 1.BVB (They had a summer without European football, which might be important for mental freshness. They also have many young players who recuperate faster in this cramped season. ) 2.Gladbach 3.Bayern 4.RB 5.Leverkusen 6. Frankfurt 7.Bremen 8.Köln 9.Freiburg 10.Hoffenheim 11.Augsburg. 12. Union 13.Mainz 14.Stuttgart 15.Bielefeld 16.Wolfsburg 17.Hertha 18.Schalke
  9. It think it would be a sad development if more club games will be played at neutral stadiums. The games should be played in the cities of the teams. That is an integral part of the game for me.
  10. I feel for Olympiakos. I think they played very well tonight, and deserved to get something from the game.
  11. In the two previous seasons we have had the same five teams coming first. 18/19 Gladbach on fifth only with one goal better goal difference than Wolfsburg on sixth. This season it is quite clear with Leverkusen the best fifth of all time eleven points ahead of Hoffenheim on sixth. To me the five of FC Bayern, RB, BVB, Gladbach and Leverkusen seem to me to be significantly better than the rest, and possibly creating a stable gulf between themselves and the rest of the pack. All five clubs have seem reasonably well run and with decent squads. The one team that I am not so sure about is Leverkusen without Havertz. Especially Dortmund and Gladbach I see having good seasons next season, not being bothered with playing in Europe in August. As for clubs challenging I see Wolfsburg, Frankfurt and perhaps Hertha as the main suspects, but they would need something very special to make the top five. So, do you people see it similarly?
  12. I guess that makes him the youngest goalscorer in the history of the league? It will be good for the lad to have gotten one behind Neuer.
  13. Thought tonight's game was a good one for the neutral. Would be a shame if a team as good as Bremen goes down.