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  1. Thank you very much for the thread. Excellent stuff as always :)
  2. Relling

    3. Liga and below 2018/19

    If that was the soultion it was really idiotic to act as they did. I guess they lacked the imagination to see how bad it could be.
  3. Relling

    3. Liga and below 2018/19

    Were they not about to go bankrupt?
  4. I allways dislike finals with two teams from the same country. I also do not like a champions league final with two clubs who have not won their domestic league for a long time.
  5. They made some changes, but mainly they are just shattered after a hard season. Far to important a game to save players. I sadly see a similar scoreline at the Bridge.
  6. Frankfurt has just seemed totally empty after their game at Benfica.
  7. I am sure you would make a very interesting Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt.
  8. Be careful at the airports. The police are on the watch for females entering from south-east Asia. Something about threats towards the DFB.
  9. Relling

    Increasing the punditry standard?

    I quite like when games are available without commentary, just with the stadium sound. The commentators are annoying with their endless repetitions about how it is a one sided game etc etc. It is like sitting next to a guy you don't know who insists on talking even when he has nothing to say. The kind of commenting I like is when they shut up a bit of the time, and are absorbed in the game, mostly just saying the names of the players (which can be helpful watching teams I don not know) or short comments like "should perhaps have gone for the shot there", "what a tackle" and get on with it. Sometimes you hear the waxing about how much possession team A has had, when it is team B with the ball, which just makes you less into the game.
  10. Does he not get recognition? From what I have seen clearly Evertons best player, and a player that would have strenghtened many top sides.
  11. Thanks Hopefully those things improve with time.
  12. What do you think about Barkok? He really impressed me in a couple of games in the 16/17 season, but did not have a good time last season. Is he on a good path now, do you think?
  13. Yes. I watched the game and could not see it from the replay, so I thought he must have said something. but I read just know that he spat at him. The reaction of Havertz and the ref immidiately running to him with the red in his hand it makes absolutely sense with that piece of information. Ascacibar seemed out of control. I cannot imagine Havertz is the most provocative guy on the field either. Exept that that the effortless way he plays would be pretty exasperating.
  14. Ackacibar not impressing by spitting at Havertz today.