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  1. Is he a a winger? Quite impressive to be starting with Bellarabi and Bailey on the bench. Good luck to you nudgey
  2. Relling

    First Goal

    12th please.
  3. Relling

    First Goal

    9th please
  4. Relling

    First Goal

    49th please
  5. Relling

    First Goal

    4th please
  6. Relling

    German Football Quiz

    nudge is such an unforgiving mistress. But then again, forgiveness is for monks.
  7. Relling

    First Goal

    1st please
  8. Relling

    First Goal

    59th please
  9. Relling

    First Goal

    36th please.
  10. Relling

    First Goal

  11. Relling

    German Football Quiz

    get well soon.
  12. Relling

    UEFA Postpone Euro 2020 to Summer 2021

    I believe that some one of the reasons for postponing the euros was to give the club tournaments a chance to be finished. Even though many probably will not, I still think it makes some sense for the clubs to pay a little for a decition they could profit from.
  13. Congrats Padre. May you live long and prosper.
  14. Relling

    First Goal

    no goals
  15. That does sound very interesting to me I understand Python has some useful packages for AI/ML. I really want to get some handle on what these topics are about, it all seems very intriguing, but for now classical scientific computing is more than enough to handle. If you ever need a quick intro to the basics (for instance I think the good old optimization methods are abundant also in machine learning) these videos are recommended: https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/scientific-computing-dphil-students