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  1. Are you going to this world class chess tournament in Düsseldorf, Tommy? WR Chess Masters / 15-26 Feb / Dusseldorf (wr-chess.com)
  2. Do people feel enthusiastic about the coming season? I must admit I have lost much of my passion for the game in the last years. Covid did not help. I will try to follow Bundesliga and European football a bit more again though, and see if I can muster some interest.
  3. Relling


    I think it is quite nice that he chooses not to play when the fun is gone. These matches must take so much from the players. But still, sad for chess. I will be rooting for Ding. Refreshing with such a humble soft spoken man.
  4. Relling


    So, the candidates tournament for the world championship match is on its way. Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij with in the lead before the last four rounds. I have been enjoying the chess24 stream. Nice to see that even the big boys truly suffer after a loss
  5. Relling


    Chess.com. I also have an account on lichess. My chess persona is Oivind_Thorshaug. Sometimes I manage to play some decent games on daily chess at chess.com. Look at me destroy an IM: :p https://lichess.org/L0DOIRfq#43
  6. Relling


    I play quite a bit online, and also a bit in a club. I am just a patzer though. Around 1400 FIDE. My biggest win was against a young woman who was 92th in the junior world championships for women. I hope I will have the time to improve in the future, and travel to some tournaments. It seems nice to go to places like the Bankok chess club open and the Gibralter chess festival and combine chess and vacation. I found this docu a great watch.
  7. That does sound very interesting to me I understand Python has some useful packages for AI/ML. I really want to get some handle on what these topics are about, it all seems very intriguing, but for now classical scientific computing is more than enough to handle. If you ever need a quick intro to the basics (for instance I think the good old optimization methods are abundant also in machine learning) these videos are recommended: https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/scientific-computing-dphil-students
  8. I have got a bit of a sore throat, so I think I try to avoid people as much as possible. I often have that in the winter, but I guess one must be on the safe side. The plan was to visit my parents for Easter, but my father does not have much of an immune system due to chemotherapy, and is not a young man either, so I am very unsure what I should do there. I hope my doctor will have some conclusive advice. There is no excuse for not cleaning the apartment, and the chance of getting a lot of reading done should be good. Are you studying something interesting?
  9. So, do you beautiful, though cynical and dark hearted, experts, think anyone can challenge Bayern for the title this year? Who would be more likely? RB, BVB, Gladbach, someone else?
  10. Mylady, I hope it is not out of place to offer my sincere wishes for your happy birthday. If I have overstepped, I humbly beg you to forgive me.
  11. I am sure you would make a very interesting Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt.
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