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  1. Relling

    Kai Havertz

    Given that it is likely that they would get a similar amount for him next summer, it would not make much sense to sell him now. I agree with Rucksackfranzose about the nine digits. Havertz is a very complete attacking midfielder. He is fast, a good dribbler, a good passer of the ball with a good eye an incredible composure in front of goal. In addition he is a tall strong lad that can hold his own in duels: He is even quite good in the air. The first teenager ever to score 17 goals in a Bundesliga season.
  2. Congrats nudge! Well done.
  3. Thank you very much for the thread. Excellent stuff as always :)
  4. Relling

    3. Liga and below 2018/19

    If that was the soultion it was really idiotic to act as they did. I guess they lacked the imagination to see how bad it could be.
  5. Relling

    3. Liga and below 2018/19

    Were they not about to go bankrupt?
  6. I allways dislike finals with two teams from the same country. I also do not like a champions league final with two clubs who have not won their domestic league for a long time.
  7. They made some changes, but mainly they are just shattered after a hard season. Far to important a game to save players. I sadly see a similar scoreline at the Bridge.
  8. Frankfurt has just seemed totally empty after their game at Benfica.
  9. I am sure you would make a very interesting Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt.
  10. Be careful at the airports. The police are on the watch for females entering from south-east Asia. Something about threats towards the DFB.
  11. Relling

    Increasing the punditry standard?

    I quite like when games are available without commentary, just with the stadium sound. The commentators are annoying with their endless repetitions about how it is a one sided game etc etc. It is like sitting next to a guy you don't know who insists on talking even when he has nothing to say. The kind of commenting I like is when they shut up a bit of the time, and are absorbed in the game, mostly just saying the names of the players (which can be helpful watching teams I don not know) or short comments like "should perhaps have gone for the shot there", "what a tackle" and get on with it. Sometimes you hear the waxing about how much possession team A has had, when it is team B with the ball, which just makes you less into the game.
  12. Does he not get recognition? From what I have seen clearly Evertons best player, and a player that would have strenghtened many top sides.
  13. Thanks Hopefully those things improve with time.