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  1. I quite like it. Why make it a secret? I see them doing what they say. No need to strengthen the opposition as they have done in the past. A good signal to the club and fans that they are not happy to play second fiddle. Also, if Bayern make a serious bid, so will a Premier League club. Probably a better bid as well.
  2. Contrary to many here it seems to me that Hecking is a decent coach. He is no genius like Nagelsmann, but he has built good teams wherever he has been. Gladbach has a good set up now, and could well be a candidate for the top 4 spots for years to come, especially with clubs like Schalke and Leverkusen struggling a bit.
  3. Maybe they want to perfect their image of usually being a frustrating underachieving side, but impressive when the stars align and their play clicks
  4. Remember to do your transfer lady and gentlemen. Only one week left. Although it may be a bit amateurish that the prizes in the winter window are the same as in the summer, I quite like that you can make some bargains and get a much better team in the Rückrunde.
  5. Tough tackle by Ilsanker, sanches pushes him and gets a second yellow. I thought the tackle looked a bit worse than it was as Ilsanker slips a bit into him.
  6. You guys played quite well. Especially in the first half. A pity there were no reward in the end.
  7. Relling

    New Staff member

    I guess we all in time become what we loathe the most. What can I say? You are not alone, I guess. As if that helps.
  8. It would be a huge achievement if they win both homegames. They are facing two very good sides.
  9. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question
  10. Do you have an opinion on Henrichs? He was great in his break through season as 19 when he won the Confederations cup, but has struggled since. He seemed to not tackle having lost the coach's trust very well.
  11. Bayern have been in a steady decline for quite a few years now. It was disguised a bit by the fact that the league was so weak last year. The BVB side that came second in the 15/16 season could I have taken the title if it had time traveled. Also it helps that the other teams smell blood, and understand that playing Bayern is a chance for a famous win, not just a visit to the dentist. The next few rounds might be vital. Especially the game at Dortmund in November. Before that they have to travel to Mainz and Wolfsburg, which can be though places to go if you are not ready for a fight.
  12. I guess Naldo had the feeling that a small kick in the behind was what Markus needed to sort his life out. Funny how much a few words can mean sometimes.