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  1. I don't know where you are from, but in the UK 'paki' is a racial slur. If you need educating further, maybe have a google or drop me a message. Obviously the authorities on TFF don't think it's serious otherwise they would've banned you, or at the least suspended you.
  2. Oh dear, no need for name calling Brian. I didn’t think the new rule would apply to racism but hey ho. So people go around calling others Paki’s And they just get asked to edit their post? Interesting. I’m normally winding you idiots up but I Genuinely can’t believe someone can call another member a paki and get away with it. You’re lucky the person it was aimed at didn’t see it (I think @MUFC) and more others didn’t. @Berserker is a racist twat. Sorry forgot to tag you first time @Berserker
  3. Wait Berserker is still posting? He called someone a paki and a Autumnal foliage two days ago. Imagine if Marc, teso or someone like Brian did that.
  4. Klopp has form for blaming the natural elements. Wind x2 and now snow. Weet Ham away next week could be tricky too, another team that is known for raising their game against the better teams at home. City were poor though, I thought KDB would push them on.
  5. Klopp has blamed the snow. Despite instructing the grounds people to only clear the half they were attacking.
  6. This famous Andield atmosphere isn’t very good when they aren’t winning. it’s been a good game. Gray not squaring it to Maddison was awful decision making or maybe awareness. Liverpool have had a few ‘I’ve seen them given’ penalty appeals. I’m predicting a late Liverpool dodgy penalty (again).
  7. Not a thing, sorry. Guessing this is part of your scrapping of the academy and signing players discarded by others? I'm guessing we told him we weren't going to renew his deal and if he could find another club he can leave.
  8. I would be handing in a transfer request if I was Gueye. If he goes Everton may as well not pay another overinflated fee and wait till the summer to replace him. Nothing to play for after mighty Millwall dumped them out of the cup.
  9. Could really do with one of Leicester’s weird performances where they beat a top team but I can’t see it. A smashing and then Puel to be sacked is far more likely.
  10. I’m still not sure the relevance in having a season ticket to attending an away game? but there you go. I agree, my forum awards and nominations show my popularity, but I don’t like to go on about it. Thanks for your well wishes
  11. What’s the relevance in having a season ticket to not attending an away game. Having a season tocket doesn’t stop you attending away games and even helps you to obtain tickets. Shame you didn’t go... My question can only be answered by someone that attended the game.
  12. Good post as always. Top quality. Did you go to the game on Saturday?
  13. I've tried to google why it's at some grounds and not others and there doesn't appear to be a reason. It's at all the Prem grounds but no football league grounds. There is no reason why it couldn't be the The Den for example yesterday but it can be at shit holes like turf moore. It's not it 'can't' be at some grounds it just it isn't - probably due to money.
  14. In that case it shouldn't be in any game. And why couldn't the ground do it? It needs cameras and officials. I can't remember which game it was, but one game the commentators said the VAR team were watching in a truck in the car park.
  15. It’s quite ridiculous that VAR is at some games but not others. Teams are playing in the same competition under different rules.
  16. Didn't they campaign for West Ham to get a points deduction over the Tevez saga? Also, all we have done is asked for clarification just as you did with the Wolves situation last season. The whole saga is incredibly boring. Heard some Leeds fans are planning a #welcomenorwich Massive game next weekend, gutted I'm not going. It'll be some atmosphere. Yesterdays game was brilliant, really high standard. Probably a fair result, we maybe slightly edged it. A great advert for championship football as they would say. We are playing the best football I've ever seen a Norwich team play.
  17. It's been a strange game. I feel like it's not been a very good game despite 3 goals. I think the injuries have slowed the game down.
  18. I don't understand why Solskjaer isn't playing his strongest team. Only chance of a trophy.
  19. England, Scotland, Wales, ROI, France, Spain, Croatia, Czech, Greece, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia. 17
  20. Apparently if Downing plays 1 more game it activates a 1 year extension to his contract, with so they aren’t playing him.
  21. Marc

    Off Topic

    Yeah the adverts are annoying. Mine have recently been all dating adverts and finding a ‘blacky’ or a ‘mature lady’. Nearby, obviously.
  22. Is VAR in place? That was a stonewall penalty. Spurs have been understandably awful.
  23. Vietnamese football hasn’t had an amazing year. Incredible scenes out there for these games and their U23 teams sucess. Lam tot Viet Nam.
  24. I dread to think what his wages are. I also dread to think how much money Gibson has plouged into that fucking club
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