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  1. What the fuck is Ospina doing. Come on Napoli. steve Mcmanaman shouldn’t be allowed to commentate on Liverpool games
  2. Marc

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    Not sure I could sit through 8 episodes but i'm sure some of it will be interesting. Far more interesting in a relegation season rather than Man City's when they won every week. They were probably contractually obliged to complete the filming, but you've got to think pulling the plug on this might have helped them on the footballing side of things and saved them even more embarrassment. All this in the week they've drawn Newcastle U21s in the Checkatrade.
  3. Marc

    Roughest Place You've Been?

    Phnom Penh is also up there for me. Just a dirty place in every sense of the word. I never really felt threatened, but I was uncomfortable at points. Went to the S21 prison and there were some really aggressive beggars when we left. People with bad facial scars , pointing to their injuries andtrying to grab us asking for money, not a nice experience. I also remember some young teenagers hanging around a market that looked dodgy as fuck and were apparently addicted to sniffing glue?! It's also hard to find a bar in parts of the City that isn't also acting like a brothel. Cambodia is an amazing place though and I wouldn't want this thread to put people off going to cambodia or Phnom Penh. 99% of the people are some of the nicest i've ever met, but it's still a very poor third world country that has its problems.
  4. Ok I welcome your discussion on the serious matter. The irony of this when @SirBalon and @Cannabis are going around calling people spackers.
  5. I’m pretty sure he said Black and not Manc, but if he did say Manc then I feel sorry for him.
  6. My dawg @José on the money as always, handing out L’s My girlfriend is a primary school teacher and she has a few children in her class with special educational needs. One of the young boys has a special seat, his own wall chart and basically his own rules. I’m of course not suggesting our good friend @Blue has special educational need, but is there similar logic here? Some members need to be treated differently for whatever reason?
  7. Honestly, how has pickford not come and claimed that? He headed it in on the 6 yard box line. Awful again. Foster great save with his foot, but poor pen. A conscious attempt to leave his feet there for the pen down the middle.
  8. Looked conclusive to me, he didn't touch the ball.
  9. Marc

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    What's it about?
  10. They should do. According to their fans they have the best coach in the world, best keeper, best centre back and best front 3. Anything else would be a failure.
  11. All of us Eurocentrics want Tevez to come on. I love watching him play, supporters love watching a player that plays with his work rate and passion.
  12. Ref would’ve been murdered had they scored from that. Fuck being ref in this game. I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world
  13. Wtf is he indirect free kick for and why is he not using VAR for this?