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  1. Does anyone know if Solihull's ground meets FL requirements?
  2. Yes, you should. Super Tommy Trybull is brilliant by the way @UK Grun Weiss
  3. Marc

    Off Topic

    Yeah the adverts are annoying. Mine have recently been all dating adverts and finding a ‘blacky’ or a ‘mature lady’. Nearby, obviously.
  4. @Tommyplease tag me next time. you can tag either of my accounts @Marc or @I can’t reply to your msg
  5. Marc

    Off Topic

    I was just browsing the forum thinking the quality has really improved, then I noticed @SirBalon hasn't posted for 3 weeks.
  6. Tapia is the guy that you said if he had a good WC he could get a move to Real Madrid or Barca, yeah?
  7. Haha brilliant, we play them tomorrow. A bit shitty but hilarious to confirm it a day before one of their biggest games of the season.
  8. Marc

    The Holiday Thread

    Adelaide is awful, nothing there. I really liked Brisbane as a city but not much to do for a tourist. If you’re going to Australia you need to do the Great Barrier Reef (can do that from Cairns) and then as someone else said try do the Whitsundays and/or Fraser Island. It’s be far better than just seeing loads of cities. The cities are like European cities, the unique and stunning parts of Australia are Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Fraser Island and various other coastal areas and beaches. I didn’t actually go but Uluru as well. Personally Uluru didn’t fascinate me though and it takes ages and it’s costly to get to.
  9. Marc

    The Holiday Thread

    I'm in Lisbon for 5 nights. Thanks. I'll pass on Ocenarium, I believe aquariums to be cruel. I like the sound of Sintra. Cascias is a coastal town/village. Is that one of the best beaches near Lisbon? Do you go to Benfica games? If so how easy is it for a tourtist to get tickets? I may as you this again nearer the time. I've not even looked online yet so may just be able to buy them on the Benfica website I guess.
  10. Marc

    The Holiday Thread

    Are you from Lisbon @Machado any tips please? Going in April and hoping to go to Benfica v Vitoria Setubal
  11. Marc

    Off Topic

    You won’t be an uncle if your cousin is having a kid In guessing you’re an only child.
  12. Marc


    And why wouldn't Fury do the same? Styles make fights and Fury's style is all wrong for Joshua. The general consensus in boxing circles has been Fury beats Joshua, Joshua beats Wilder and Wilder beats fury Joshua (or probably morel ikely, his team) are ducking both at the moment. Why risk the cash cow when you can fight guys they now he will beat and still sell? WAR FURY
  13. Marc


    Australian's are even thicker than Brits when it comes to buying PPVs and filling stadiums for shit fights. I can't get over the 3 stone size difference. Wilder his lightest since his pro debut, he must just be going for speed. Fury can lean on him and tire the skinny dosser out. Fury need to keep it close or long. Not mid-range where beyonce can let that right hand bomb go. WAR FURY @José i'm sorry but your boy is getting it. £20 on the GK to win by KO WARY FURY WAR FURY
  14. Marc

    Tips & Bets 365

    Hartlepool are in horrendous form.
  15. Marc

    The Holiday Thread

    Anyone been to Lisbon? Not till April, hoping to go to a Benfica game
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