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  1. Wow, Santos relegated for the first time in their history.
  2. I mean I'm being honest, we won't qualify for a while I don't think. Could have been a bigger insult, hahaha
  3. Baffled by this. You missed your opportunity to say til we qualify for the World Cup
  4. Canada has hockey as the big sport and a small population and they've become very good. I do think the comparison is valid. Canada receives a lot of immigrants, where as Dominican Republic has a lot of emigrants. New York has about 1 million Dominicans which is an 8th of it's population, mostly all in the Bronx. Germany, Spain and Italy also has a shit ton of them.
  5. Baseball is massive there and they are also superb at making music, but they have a scout named Elimelec who I'm actually friends with and he has done a superb job. Found so many US/Spanish based Dominicans at youth level in which essentially got them to a U20 World Cup. Football is growing there because I think they learned it's the big international sport. Will it ever overtake baseball like what happened in Venezuela? Probably not, but they have some good players in Europe that will undoubtedly make them a better national team. Firpo, Mariano Diaz, Konrad de la Fuente, Pablo Rosario, Raul de Tomas and Kevin Paredes. I think the only one no longer eligible is De Tomas having played 4 times for Spain.
  6. They just convinced Junior FIrpo and Konrad de la Fuente of Marseille to play for them, also that Mariano Diaz and Pablo Rosario may be convinced. They are doing another scouting job like Jamaica. Fair play, with Mexico, USA and Canada going automatically they will be big candidates to go to the next World Cup.
  7. Weird thing to post about in this specific thread
  8. Appears the war might start today. Maduro is starting to move his troops. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-67635646
  9. Oh don't get me wrong I have empathy, but given the Venezuelan mafias are bribing Peruvians and Chileans on a daily basis and commiting horrible crimes in a place that isn't their home, I can't speak well about them. The ones I have empathy for are the genuine Venezuelans on the end of xenophobia who are left no choice as I said later in that post.
  10. Ben & Holly's little Kingdom to oopsie daisey (the word I tried to spell was Mon-g. See it's different now )
  11. In my defence, I said this basing his performances for Peru before the World Cup and the fact that the World Cup's prestige always gives many players a move to a big club if you do super well. And I said exactly that, if he had a good World Cup he would move to those 2. He was concussed and had a very average World Cup. I've said worse comments before.
  12. It really wasn't. De Gea was never an amazing keeper, but he did have potential. He was very, very acrobatic and had some of the best diving reach in the world, but he would make silly mistakes even back then and was a bit insecure in goal. I never rated him that highly but I did get a bit lucky that he stagnated as a player.
  13. That is debatable as I said. He scored way more goals and looked a lot more flashy but it was also easier to score those goals back then. Football has gotten much tougher to stand out in. The other thing you can attribute it to is losing his legs a bit over the years and adapting to a less flashy style. That's why I think it's very debatable. I really liked the playmaking version of Messi we've gotten the last few years but the one that was unstoppable was also very fun.
  14. I just saw this map and needed to share it, places where "socialism and communism" worked. Can the Germans confirm to me if it was actually successful in the east? Also having Cambodia on there is just denying atrocities committed in a regime that wasn't even powerful internationally as Vietnam disposed of them easily. I'm not entirely convinced it worked in Bolivia either to be honest. It helped some of the more rural towns but brought down the rest.
  15. I am just now reading this and I agree entirely that zionism had its own ridiculous rules. Like I said earlier, how the fuck is it OK if I stop paying rent, move into a new home and then tell the next person to move in "I used to pay for this place, get out"? I do agree that zionism needed to be a thing and Israel needed to exist, but I think they shouldn't have gone for "the promised land" as that was a place with a lot of dangerous and powerful allies in a very religious region of the world. Argentina could have been an option in the south, just a shame that most of the nazis went to hide there after the war.
  16. Terrible in the long run but in my opinion I still standby that we were an excellent team back in 2018. Better than Croatia? Probably not, but we could go toe to toe with anyone. I can't say the same about us in 2022, much less today,
  17. I am well aware they'll never leave the USA, but I do wish with all the money going into the game they'd include several maps and not just recycling a city done once before. You just know they'll recycle the same 3 cities because they are what sells. I'm not sure how big GTA is in Brazil but I know this much: Brazil has 200 million people. If they could include a second map in São Paulo, and a third map somewhere else (perhaps Mexico as they also have a sellable population) it could be huge with the main focus staying in the USA otherwise. Another option is several USA cities. If Chicago isn't appealing to be a stand alone map, you could have it as a secondary map in the game after the main city. There are plenty of American cities that have a horrible reputation for crime and are in the top 50 for homicides. Places like Baltimore, New Orleans, St Louis, upon others. I just think focusing on one map again, and in a city that's been done before is going to make the series stale eventually. Rockstar are smart to release it every decade but that alone won't save it. This time it will obviously be a big exception.
  18. Some of the best aged opinions - De Gea was average at best. Said this back in 2014 despite getting shit from Fusion. (from me) - Voice of Reason on Harry Kane - Messi was at his prime in 2017/2018 and not in 2011 (SirBalon) The last one is debatable but seeing it from a more professional standpoint, he was kind of spot on to be honest. Football has become way tougher to play and be flashy in.
  19. Some of the worst football opinions I've heard on here/said myself: - Ospina was the 2nd best keeper in the world. He was outrageously good in his prime but he was never 2nd best (from me). - Chile was an elite football nation (Teso) - Nigeria would make the 2014 WC semi-finals or else we'd be put under black magic (InnocentBoy) - Could Klopp get sacked? Despite having won a title the season before, after having lost 2 in a row and having a shit performance vs Flamengo and Monterrey. (The Artful Dodger) - Messi and Iniesta would play for free (Skarm) - Jelavic was better than Suarez (Halewood) - Czech Republic and Greece would finish above most South American countries (Rucksanfranzose) - VAR would be an instant success (Batard and Stan)
  20. Moaty telling everyone to die in a house fire (DIAHF) back in 2014. Also him calling me a Down syndrome Maggie Smith and then trying to sympathize with me via DM's was a moment. I appreciate he saw my potential but I do wonder how mixed his feelings really were.
  21. Teso saying he'd delete his account if Peru qualified to the 2018 World Cup. Also his confidence we'd get beat by Chile in the 2019 Copa America semi-final only for us to smack em.
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