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  1. I know it's controversial for many fans because they love their clubs dearly. But it's all about expectations and I seriously don't know where any argument or fury may be coming from Spurs fans... Newcastle Utd are slightly different because they've been a bit up and down and that's to be expected considering the oil injected project... Man City took time, there's will too. But Tottenham Hotspur? I've never understood those expectations. It's all about that... We all understand Man Utd fans being consistently upset over the past decade, they expect justifiably so. But Spurs? Why!
  2. That was mental! 3-4 in the end and 3 incredible points... Luton look so good on set pieces and then the awful defending for Ross Barklay's goal with the added keeper gaff in there too. No wonder in recent weeks it hasn't been easy at Kenilworth Road for anyone. Arsenal showed a never say die spirit and we would've lost that game 100% in the past, let alone win it.
  3. Thanks mate! There were indeed some incredible moments on this board back then.
  4. I’m currently in the process of doing a total rewatch of every Star Trek series ever made up until arriving at the present with Discovery and the new one Strange New Worlds. Boy am I having a Great time doing this.
  5. Tbh mate, I'm a bit old for things like Reggeaton lol. But even back in the day when it came onto the scene in Spain, I found it to be quite misogynistic. Treating women like they're some kind of experiment tool.
  6. I haven't listened to Spanish music in quite some time and I don't know why. It is a catchy tune.
  7. You still into your canutos!!! lol
  8. One of the most poignant events in all of that was when he appointed Francisco Rufete (a past Valencia star) as technical director for sport and the club saw improvement. But the players Rufete was bringing in were being sold on within the following transfer window. Rufete went public when the fans started to place the blame on him and then a month later he was fired. we’re talking about a personality (Peter Lim) that doesn’t understand all of this and tbh, the Valencia CF fan club were told by both Bancaixa and local government that they’d done their due diligence on Peter Lim and that he was the worst possible option. In the end they gave into fan pressure and the rest is history. This guy is using the club as a guarantee for authenticity in Europe. It’s not unusual. The same is occurring on a much larger scale with Man City and PSG, the difference being that the Qatari consortiums are a lot cleverer and more in tune with the stupidity of us football fans.
  9. For sure. They got to two Champions League Finals in a row. Lost one against Real Madrid and the other very unluckily against Bayern Munich. They had a golden generation plus hand picked world beaters from all over the place. But they overspent and didn’t invest the money they were earning wisely. They ended up owing a Spanish bank (Bancaixa) an extortionate amount of money and started to sell all their assets (top players) all over Europe. Then when they should’ve been solvent, the then President Juan Bautista Soler (who was gifted the club by his father who was a major shareholder) absolutely ruined the club 5 fold. Enter the auctioning of the club by the creditors (Bancaixa) whilst it was being protected by local government who were paying the interest rates (to be returned). Then came Peter Lim who paid the debt but has never really cared about the club and here we are unfortunately. It’s a HUGE club with immense support. But it’s never recovered its former status.
  10. I agree with the lament many Valencia fans have been vocalising. But they DID march on the regional government building back in the day (I witnessed it as I was living there at the time) to push local government (La Generalitat Valenciana) into giving up their protection ownership of the club and hand it over to Peter Lim. They’ve conveniently forgotten about this particular detail.
  11. Unprecedented for sure. What he’s done surely puts many to shame imo. It’s not as if he’s on his last legs either. The guy has played at elite level and before he made this decision he was a vital part of the Cádiz game. Really hope this can be the start of Depor’s recovery. You guys belong clashing with the big guns in Primera.
  12. I fu*king play for free... I play lots of things for free and even pay to play. Then there’s work.
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