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  1. SirBalon always searching for the truth and justice! Join the movement... ;)

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    2. football forum

      Happy Blue

      Climate change is a natural  phenomena due to the sun's solar minimum & maximum, the Earth has gone through cycles of heating and cooling long before man even set foot on it, there is very little carbon dioxide in our atmosphere ..0.04% if you want the facts, this is the biggest tax scam ever,just wish people would wake up :readthemessage:

      Carbon dioxide is such a small component of Earth’s atmosphere (380 parts per million or 0.038%) that it shows up on the chart below as only a thin line 

      In the last 600 million years of Earth’s history only the Carboniferous Period and our present age, the Quaternary Period, have witnessed CO2 levels less than 400 ppm.

      Late Carboniferous to Early Permian time (315 mya — 270 mya) is the only time period in the last 600 million years when both atmospheric CO2 and temperatures were as low as they are today (Quaternary Period ).


      There has historically been much more CO2 in our atmosphere than exists today. For example:

      bullet_pin1.gif?resize=14%2C14 During the Jurassic Period (200 mya), average CO2 concentrations were about 1800 ppm or about 4.7 times higher than today.

      bullet_pin1.gif?resize=14%2C14 The highest concentrations of CO2 during all of the Paleozoic Era occurred during the Cambrian Period, nearly 7000 ppm — about 18 times higher than today.

      bullet_pin1.gif?resize=14%2C14 The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period were the only geological periods during the Paleozoic Era when global temperatures were as low as they are today. To the consternation of global warming proponents, the Late Ordovician Period was also an Ice Age while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today– 4400 ppm.

      According to greenhouse theory, Earth should have been exceedingly hot. Instead, global temperatures were no warmer than today. Clearly, other factors besides atmospheric carbon influence earth temperatures and global warming.


    3. football forum


      There you go, they go hand in hand xD

      I'm not going to ask you who you will vote for in a hypothetical GE in the near future mate because I like you and hope that remains the same which means, keep it secret please.

    4. football forum

      Happy Blue

      You seek truth & justice then reject it??  ..i like you too, you're opinion on something wont change that ;)  ..but how does 0.04% CO2 cause global warming?? ..it cant, it's all a big tax scam!

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