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  1. Shut up tells Stan, who has strong Indian heritage to "sniff turmeric" Deemed racist banned for a week. 

    Stan referred to Reza Ghoochannejhad, an Iranian footballer as "Ghoochenjihad" during the world cup. Not racist. No ban. 

    I'm not the one with the wonky moral compass here mate. 

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    2. football forum

      Devil-Dick Willie

      The guy said it, I brought it up several times in the past. It's not something up for debate as far as I'm concerned. 

    3. football forum


      Ironic how you're accusing me of being racist (something which you can't prove - a post? A status? Something no one else can recollect?) but won't accept that I could be offended by something I deem racist. 

      Anyway, this has run its course now, had enough of it. Nothing else to discuss as far as I'm concerned, I've said my piece. Enjoy the rest of your day 👍🏾

    4. football forum

      Devil-Dick Willie

      I haven't accused you of being racist. You said a dumb thing a bunch of years ago.  And of course no one can find it, it was on a different forum. 

      Have a good day too. 

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