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  1. Matches played from 8th to 10th of Mar: Düsseldorf - Hamburg Braunschweig - Rostock Schalke - Paderborn Kiel - Karlsruhe Wehen - Hannover Magdeburg - Nürnberg St Pauli - Hertha BSC Lautern - Osnabrück Fürth - Elversberg
  2. Matches played from 8th to 10th of Mar: Stuttgart - Union Bayern - Mainz Leipzig - Darmstadt Gladbach - Köln Augsburg - Heidenheim Bremen - Dortmund Bochum - Freiburg Frankfurt - Hoffenheim Leverkusen - Wolfsburg
  3. Game 107: 8th min Game 108: 24th min, please
  4. The deads from the trucks are IDF victims as well, since the stampeding wouldn't have happen without the gunfire. That's an analogy to the persons dying from typhus and other diseases in concentration camps rightfully also being counted as Nazi victims.
  5. You know communist dictators is a contradictio in adiecto? Since communism is a state of egalitarian rule without hierarchy, which means there can be either socialist dictators or dictators of communist ideology, but definetively no communist dictators. That's anopther reason, why being fascist and communist exclude each other. Which also makes your term anarcho-communist redundant since communism is a state of anarchy. But hey told you to read some political theory. Also Calling Russia communist, shows you don't only don't know what communism is , you also don't have the slightest idea of socialism, otherwise you'd know Russia is indeed capitalist and has less socialist elements to its economy and society than any Western European country. As for the part about Germany: Again you talk about things you don't really comprehend. The only instance that is allowed to ban any party in Germany is the Bundesverfassungsgericht (translates to Federal Constitution Court) so the opposition isn't even capable juridically to ban the AFD, even if they wanted, which most of them don't. Second there's only 1 reason, why the BVG is juridically allowed to ban a party, and that is if the party is proven to be willing to forceably owerthrow the liberal democratic basic order of Germany. Nothing to do with populism. And no that's no opinion of mine, it's possible to fact check that by reading Article 12 Paragraph 2 2nd sentence of Grundgesetz (which is the German constitution). Don't know which sources you use for your information about Germany, still would recommand to change them, since any single statement you made about that country has been proven to be factually wrong, so far. EDIT: Am undecided, whether I should be bemused, amused, or straight out offended you seem to think a German living in Germany for over 50 years like me would not know, the first 20 articles of the German constitution, which are called their basic rights.
  6. @Viva la FCB, @Michael, @Bluewolf, @Coma, @Tommy, @nawoo, @londonerlilie Your weekly reminder!
  7. @Tommy, @Viva la FCB, @Michael, @Coma, @6666, @Bluewolf, @nawoo Your weekly reminder!
  8. Schalke 0-2 St Pauli Hertha BSC 1-3 Kiel Hannover 3-2 Düsseldorf Rostock 2-0 Lautern Nürnberg 1-2 Braunschweig Karlsruhe 2-2 Fürth Hamburg 2-0 Osnabrück Paderborn 4-1 Magdeburg Elversberg 3-1 Wehen
  9. Freiburg 1-3 Bayern Union 1-1 Dortmund Mainz 2-1 Gladbach Bochum 2-3 Leipzig Heidenheim 3-1 Frankfurt Darmstadt 0-1 Augsburg Wolfsburg 0-4 Stuttgart Köln 1-3 Leverkusen Hoffenheim 2-2 Bremen
  10. Western Sydney 2-1 Sydney Huddersfield 1-2 Leeds Dundee 1-3 Kilmarnock Getafe 2-2 Las Palmas Inter Miami 2-0 Orlando City Verona 2-1 Sassuolo Arsenal Women 4-1 Tottenham Women PSV 1-2 Feyenoord Besiktas 1-3 Galatasaray Porto 2-0 Benfica
  11. Brentford 1-3 Chelsea Everton 2-1 West Ham Fulham 0-2 Brighton Newcastle 2-2 Wolves Nottm Forest 1-4 Liverpool Tottenham 3-0 Crystal Palace Luton 1-2 Aston Villa Burnley 0-2 Bournemouth Man City 3-2 Man Utd Sheff Utd 1-2 Arsenal
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