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  1. so Nacho is coming to you after all. not a bad signing, he will help you for sure. very creative player but he lost his motivation in Newells . I  heard they owe money to the players there.

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      We do even more ridiculous things in Inter.  We buy players with dozens of millions and those players don't even play in Inter.  You remember Gabriel Barbosa AKA the new Neymar? that guy cost us 30 million and now he's about to leave or be loaned. and every single transfer we made last year was flop. that's why Juventus wins scudetto so easily. no Inter, no Milan, Roma was weakened too. only Napoli remains strong, I hope they will be strong enough to win the next scudetto and then Huguain will be so ashamed that he will leave Juventus and go back to River Plater :D:D:D

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      Please don't Use the report function for spelling changes mate 

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       was trying to figure out how to corrent my misspell but apparently there is no way I can fix it. only you can do that.

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