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  1. Of course you dumb bitch, i'm fucking indestructible! Surprised you're back too. Thanks! Vaccine, but only Moderna or Pfizer, never understood people afraid of getting vacced (not anti-vax ppl but being afraid of the pain), never been the case for me.
  2. Never! i'd make you or anyone my bitch to do all that shit for me before that , but you're right that i don't have time for fucking anything right now. Thanks Rucks, yeah, all is fine, just been and still am extremely busy like i said. Thanks guys!
  3. Never heard of them, trap is becoming very famous as of late here perhaps you'd like it as it's derived from hip-hop.
  4. I'll send a hitman for that deluded ape!
  5. Been very busy, likely won't comeback till at least the WC.
  6. Neither did i. No worries Chris. I agree, we mainly excell at Rock Nacional, pop, cumbia, tango and local folklore but it's truth there's been a huge rise in music like "trap" by the likes of Paulo Londra and other, which i guess you could call that hip hop?
  7. Jajaja esa cancion era muy escuchada hara 15 años, pero era de Los Gedes me parece jaja.
  8. Berserker

    Off Topic

    Lmao, i'd laugh for a bit and then help him down if hadn't shit himself, in this situation i'd do the former and then call 911 for him to get help.
  9. It's worth it trust me. Yeah, seems pretty accurate. I finished lost in less than 2 months and it's like 120 ep, when it's fun time just flies.
  10. Awesome collection Chris, not much of a book reader myself (haven't got the patience) but i have seen a TV series named El Patron Del Mal which is about the Medellin cartel, it's pretty good, you should give it a watch too, i'm gonna rewatch it from the start when i can as i catched midway i think, definitely recommend it.
  11. Yeah it's probably like that mate. Yep, the yanks are the biggest market and then Europe, from Spain it goes to the richer countries, your NL, UK, GER, etc.
  12. There are a lot of em, there's the Italian, Spanish and Brazilian too, at least they show them here. Yeah, you'll find very, very few Argentines doing that, but Colombians, Brazilians, etc, it's full, and then because of that they put innocent people from these countries under a lot of scrutiny in the airports because of the suspicions .
  13. Caught Abroad (i love that show) or Airport Alert?
  14. You have some cheek! Has your mark all over it, just another of your famous Halloween night outs!
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