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  1. Max Holloway. What a man. Best ever UFC holy shit moment?
  2. Really enjoyed the ones who live, I’m now re watching the main series.
  3. Got a good pro clubs going at the moment, with around 6-7 of us always playing.
  4. JoshBRFC


    Tony Khan wtf Absolutely embarrassing. All they’ve done is prove Punk right.
  5. JoshBRFC


    Agree with you mate, i have nothing against small hall shows. I just find their shows boring nowadays, considering they have the biggest platform.
  6. JoshBRFC


    Yeah i see wat you mean. What are your thoughts on Roman's reign, now it's over with? Not embarrassed to admit that i am one of those who every time my childhood heroes return, i get caught up in it all. I love how either of those 2 can only back up their point by insulting others.
  7. JoshBRFC


    Well.... did anyone watch Mania? On par with Bryan at WM30 for the long overdue babyface getting the belt. Looking forward to Raw, to see what surprises are in store.
  8. JoshBRFC


    I am a bit indifferent tbh mate. I see a lot of love and hate…. But I just see the facts. He’s fighting nobodies like most of what sky and boxxer put on with their talent nowadays. I don’t enjoy much of what sky have on, such boring fights and events. I didn’t like his interview with sky where he slated the commentator and seemed rattled. The guy was giving his opinion.
  9. JoshBRFC


    Yes it was a good white collar style fight.
  10. That thumping had been coming, and was a much needed win to push us away from relegation and into no mans land.
  11. JoshBRFC


    https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5GpCQ4rug9/?igsh=dTVncW9sazl0Zmtu So good.
  12. JoshBRFC


    Rock has made this whole feud and Mania 1000x more interesting and entertaining. I suspect Roman to have an angle of I’m fed up of you taking all the attention etc. Or the Rock will cost Roman the match against Cody.
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