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  1. That's an awful lot of typing for someone who should SUCK IT!
  2. Yep. Great driver. Was totally wrong about him. /s
  3. Back after a year, just to ask you if you would ask DC to do the same? https://www.planetf1.com/news/dc-yuki-tsunoda-leave-formula-1/ Or would you and SHITnoda do the sucking this time?
  4. He'll finish 3rd, though. Ghiotto's shit. Cant even get on Yuki's tail.
  5. Schwartzman's got to be doing better than thaat, if he has to get that Haas seat.
  6. Drivers* He has lost 2 seconds in 2 laps.
  7. Yes!! Tsunoda dropping like no tomorrow.
  8. Kind of surprised how Daruvala has just lost 1 position so far.
  9. I mean, minor technicalities aside, he was a backmarker. And no mid-field team even thought him good enough to give him a seat. A pay driver (well, technically no, he got his sat because of his ties with Toyota)
  10. Going through the results, I just realized Besiktas lost to Rio Ave on a penalty shootout. Thats unexpected.
  11. This is what Schumi said in 2000 https://web.archive.org/web/20001215132900/http://www.dailyf1.com/en/news/2000/september/05a.shtml Not sure if he's d be proud or sad. Not sure if he would have (yes have, not 'of') let him get here in the first place.
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