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Have you done it or would you ever do it?

I would only do a mountain with a peak of 5500-6000 metres max. Too scared beyond that. However I would like to try it one day. Particularly in my home nation. Some of the views are absolutely marvellous. Some of the things you can discover just make it a really appealing adventure.

I'd like to try El Misti in Arequipa or Ishinca in Huaraz locally. If I had to do one abroad, its something I haven't thought about but Vesuvius would be cool. I didn't really like the city of Naples when I've been but there are places nearby that I could try.

Try to include pictures if you can.

Ishinca, Huaraz


El Misti, Arequipa


Vesuvius, Naples



Misc hikes I would also like to try, Patagonia in Chile or the Canadian rockies. 

Patagonia, Chile


Canadian rockies



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4 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

I've only ever climbed one mountain and that's Scafell Pike, England (978 metres (3,209 ft) above sea level). I climbed it back in 2010 and haven't done any more climbs as I don't particularly enjoy the activity, it's a lot of time and effort to stand on a load of rocks way up in the sky. It took me around six hours to climb and descend in total and I truly felt as though I had wasted my day even if it is a nice accolade to have climbed to the highest point in the country. 



978 metres? Wow England is quite low.

Looks like a nice scenery though. Whereabouts in the country is it?

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The highest I've been to is 1048 m high, but I didn't climb/hike it, I went all the way up by car and then explored it on foot there xD I love the mountains, they are so majestic and the views are just spectacular, but climbing is not something I particularly enjoy. Wouldn't do much higher than 1.500 - 2000 m anyway, not a big fan of thin air.

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My dad has climbed up to the base camp of Nanga Parbat thats about 8,126 meters(26,660 ft) back in his youth i would definently do something like that. Though i don't exactly the hieght but i think i climbed some 2,000 meters of The Malika Parbat (which is 5,290 meters high) back in 2015.


Love hiking and climbing 👍

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3 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

I like your style xD

I'm the same when it comes to the views aswell. They were great don't get me wrong but I just didn't get any enjoyment or satisfaction from walking past rubble for three hours to get there.

Thanks xD I thought I'd safe myself a climb in +30 and rather go in a comfort of my car with AC xD 

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I'm not really a fan of the great outdoors. I'd rather watch Arsenal than climb up a mountain. Saying that I've hauled myself up some very steep places. I'd love to climb the Matterhorn and Mount Eiger at some point but punishing my body with high-endurance preperation and hours of grafting for nothing... no thanks.

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Did Mt.Fuji a couple of years ago. 3,776m from memory. Fairly tough climb but a commercial climb too...there's vending machines and like a restaurant at the peak! I didn't get a good sunrise when I was there but was happy to make it up. 




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