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Nolberto Solano to Gillingham

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Seeing on Twitter a few people claiming that Ñol is linked to becoming the new Gillingham manager, but its all whitesmoke to me. If we go to the World Cup, he's going nowhere.

If this did happen though, I could see it being a failure. He's doing well as part of the Peru setup but he's tried management elsewhere and failed, so I can't see this being different.

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5 minutes ago, HoneyNUFC said:

I believe his kids are in England and he struggled with not seeing them much when he went back to Peru as a player. It wouldn't surprise me if that sort of motivation is behind it again.

That and being bankrupt :ph34r:

I have his Whatsapp. If he actually replied to me, that would be great. I have a whole ton of questions.

Thankfully, I think I'll get to him soon. I know a few well known footballers that can get to him (Steven Caldwell, Oscar Ibañez)

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  • Administrator

'nobby, I'm Brian. how are you?' 

'nobby, can I ask you a few questions please? 

'Mr Nolberto, do you think Peru will qualify for the World Cup? 

'Mr Solano, it's Brian again, are you going to the Peru match next month?' 

'Mr Solano, Brian again, should Teso be banned from our forum?' 


'Are you there?' 


'Mr Solano?' 



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Just now, Teso dos Bichos said:


im sure solano doesnt reply to wana be twitter journalists. :rofl:

He just did, and he wants you gone.

You heard him Stan, get to work.

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