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  1. Large

    Driving Gripes

    Here's a thread where you can have a rant about things that get on your wick when driving. And I'll happily get the ball rolling as the situation that follows winds me up something silly. So today I'm driving down a duel carriageway and there are roadworks in lane 2 [the outside lane]. As expected the lane that the works are being carried out on is closed by the use of cones. 800 yards before you reach the cones is the first sign showing you that the lane ahead is closed with additional reminders at 600, 400 and 200 yards before the lane is no longer usable. If I am overtaking vehicles in lane 1 [inside lane] then I will continue in lane 2 until I reach the cones when I will merge into lane 1. What I notice is there is a lot of people who will immediately move over into lane 1 as soon as they see the first sign. If traffic is moving freely then this is not usually a problem, but if like in this instance the roadworks are being carried out by a crossing then what will happen is lane 1 starts backing up because of the stationery traffic ahead. I'm still in lane 2 so I will be happily passing all these vehicles until I have to stop, and then remain in lane 2 until I have got to the cones when I will attempt to merge into lane 1. There are a lot of drivers though that are taking exception to this [ let's call them fucking eejits], so these fucking eejits who are stationery in lane 1 will see me coming down lane 2 and purposefully pull out into my lane so that I cannot pass. There could be 200-400 yards left of traffic free road in my lane, but now I can't use it becasue the fucking eejit takes umbrage at the fact that I wasn't as stupid as they were in getting into lane 1 too early, and they now believe it is their responsibliity [nay, their right] to now block off my lane just to stop me and any other behind me from passing. What the fnarg is that about? If you are one of these people then yes, you too are a fucking eejit. Not only have you helped create a bigger tailback in lane 1 than there should have been, you have now also started a congestion on lane 2. I can also guarantee that you will be the other type of fucking eejit who will then start bumping the cluth to ensure that you remain a gnat's cock away from the car in front so that the other car that wants to merge from 2 to 1 at the cones cannot get in. Rant over, but please feel free to discuss.
  2. Large

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Just finished this and was a struggle. Unfortunately there's just too much to cover to be able to do any justice to the content. At some points it was almost like 'this fella was born then started a war then got killed. Moving on'. I mean, what? So something different up next, and a book form one of my faves, David Baldacci. It's a bit different from his usual thrillers though. It's called One Summer and not sure if I'm going to enjoy this one. We'll soon see.
  3. You are correct. I don't disagree at all that it's not even a consideration for white managers, but again how has that anything to do with the facts surrounding this specific situation? It's a poorer argument to make saying this is definintely not anything to do with racism just becasue it's not.
  4. Well as I've said, people can choose to completely ignore the fact that they gave other managers who were white a lot more slack than they seem to have given the black one all they like, but it's happened. It might have nothing to do whatsoever with colour, and I really do hope so, but I cannot see how faced with the facts anyone can rule it out. And saying the fact they hired him in the first place proves they're most definitely not racist is nonsense. How many times you heard a racist argue they aren't becasue they've got black mates?
  5. Large

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    This does matter but I couldn't fine the 'Annoyances That Do Matter Thread'. I was reminded of it from something @Tommy said in the 'Things We Say.....' thread. When people keep their phones on silent so can't take your call because they haven't heard it.
  6. So you honestly believe that there's not one iota of probability of what he says? Why not?
  7. For entertainment which is my personal barometer of what makes the best I'd say The Championship. Without doubt not as skilful as the top tier of football leagues, but for competitive games and action it has it all.
  8. Large

    The Non-League Thread

    It's always sad to see these clubs fold. Would love to know how they got into the situation they did.
  9. You are my hero. I bow to your sexual prowess and endurance. That's at least 6 times for me.
  10. Large

    The Non-League Thread

    I'm hoping we can get a game on this weekend. We haven't been able to play a home game since the beginning of the month. If the rain holds off we should be good, especially with the wind we're getting which helps remove the surface water. It'll be two weeks since a game on Saturday. I'm going stir crazy.
  11. Large

    Driving Gripes

    One of the pettiest things I've ever done was box somebody in doing this. I was popping down to the supermarket to grab some bits for a barbecue one afternoon and somebody had parked like that but front in rather than side on like in the picture. I had two friends with me in their vehicles as well, so we parked tight down each side and just to be even bigger dicks across the front as well. The owner was waiting for us when we came back and unsurprisingly wasn't happy. Stated the reason for him parking like that was that he wasn't chipping his doors for anybody. Not one of my proudest moments, but was funny as fnarg.
  12. I'm no fan of Durham's, and I agree that he does talk a lot of "bollocks", but some of his points are interesting to hear and be considered. I'm not having all of it, but am not ignoring it all either just because the fella is a plum. His points about the treatment of previous managers is correct, so hard to ignore.
  13. So disagree. It will be a cold day in hell before I'll be convinced that any footballer is worth getting paid almost £16m a year.
  14. Large

    The Best Covers

  15. It is what it is though, and the process should be the same for all. Chelsea make a fair point. I would like to see a bigger pinishment handed out in the event that appeal is made but not upheld.
  16. Large

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    I don’t walk any quicker when that happens. Some get right narked when I do that.
  17. Large

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    @Lucas when I use his butter and he gets the arse because there’s some crumbs in there. 😄
  18. Large

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    But what if the waiter’s a dick? 🤔
  19. Large

    Unpopular football opinions

    Now what's unpopular about this?
  20. Large

    Unpopular football opinions

    No argument there, just do not agree that what has happened to both clubs would never have happened if not for these people.
  21. Large

    Unpopular football opinions

    So my unpopular opinion to those who believe this is it's a load of old tosh.
  22. Large

    What are you playing?

    Recently finished with Hitman and got bored quite quickly. It's a bit too slow paced for me. Still have Hitman 2 to play, so have mixed feelings about that now. I'm nearly finished with Spider-Man, which I was a little disappointed with after the hype it got. Looks great though. I never got the fuss about God Of War. For me one of the most overrated games ever.
  23. Large

    Best movie endings

    For me it has to be A.I., because it meant that the film was over and I could go and try and make amends for the 2.5 hours of my life that had just been wasted.