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Matchday 6 (Group B) - Tuesday 5th December, 2017

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Bayern vs PSG, 7.45pm
Celtic vs Anderlecht, 7.45pm

Bayern have to beat PSG by more than 3 goals to finish top of the group
Both are guaranteed automatic qualification to the next round, while Celtic need to avoid defeat by 3 goals to be sure of a Europa League spot

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Pretty shit performance, but Europa League is secured, and there's a lot of games including a winter break to tweak things before the first knockout game. 

Dembele was a bit disappointing, when the team was struggling he was still taking bold touches and trying flicks that were really too ambitious, rather than getting the team up the pitch. The build-up got a bit better as time went on, which is good as I expected the heads to go when they scored. 

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Overall very good performance. This team under Carlo is a fading nightmare. Even with a heavily rotated squad they looked hungry. Overall mostly encouraging signs, Kimmich had a rough one and my love child Rudy didnt have it easy either. This was the performance Tolisso in particular needed as hes fallen under some criticism and scrutiny. Coman has continued his outstanding play, Süle had a solid bounce back. Things look good for the time being. 


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