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Wigan Athletic Takeover

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The takeover of Wigan Athletic by investors from the Far East has moved a step closer.

Sky Sports News understands the Whelan family have agreed a deal in principle to sell the club to the Hong Kong-based company International Entertainment Corporation (IEC).

IEC filed an initial 'term sheet' to the Hong Kong stock exchange on Wednesday, outlining their intention to buy the League One club.

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7 minutes ago, Stan said:

is that the Whelan that broke his leg in the FA Cup final once?

I believe it's Dave Whelan's Grandson that calls the shots now. Dave Whelan 'retired' after saying it was “nothing” to call a Chinese person a “chink” and said “Jewish people chase money more than everybody else”.

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Wigan fans were some of the most deluded I'd come across on the tinterwebs, after taking Forshaw and Rosler from us and then signing a striker who's agent kept upping wages and fees that were already agreed upon who we were trying to sign...watching them go down was satisfying.

Of all the clubs you could want to buy in the north of England, Wigan are an odd one.

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