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Matty Fryatt Retires

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Thought this deserved a thread as Leicester and Hull are both represented on this forum.

Obviously there fans will offer a better insight but to me he's somebody that really never lived up to his late teens / early twenties potential. It's a shame he's had to retire at 31, and weird because I've always presumed he was younger than that. 

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Did well with us at a very young age. Helped us get out of League One and scored his fair share of goals in Championship too. Holds the record for fastest ever Leicester goal, quickest to 20 goals before Xmas and last player to score successive hat tricks. 

Great shame injury cut his career short and he never really recovered fully to realise his potential. 

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He did a lot for us really in that first spell under Pearson. I remember his form in League One drying up in the second half of the season but he was lethal in the first half of it. His goals were the catalyst in our first good season in years, and since then we've had far more good than bad. He was part of the initial side that turned our fortunes around.

I can't believe he's only 31. It's never really worked out for him after 2010. He picked up a bit of a freak injury against Doncaster at home that season and barely played for us again after. Didn't feature at all under Sven I don't think. His last ever game for us was at Norwich, he got sent off and scored twice in a 4-3 loss. Pearson took him to Hull from us.

He was an odd player, wasn't particularly quick, and wasn't particularly good in the air, but he was a decent finisher with clever movement. A shame he's ended up having to retire this early. Always came across well too.

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