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MLS is Mad at LA Galaxy for Creating Best Video Ever

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Okay - so this past weekend, LA Galaxy lost to the Portland Timbers 1-0. This was in large part because Galaxy's captain got two yellow cards in the span of 5 minutes, both of which were absolutely dreadful, disgusting, and embarrassing dives by Timber players. So, what does LA do? 

Of course, the MLS office is unhappy with this, but personally, I think they should worry more about getting better refs and stopping this shit instead of getting mad at the Genius at the Galaxy that put this gem together. 

Here is the story - 

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1 minute ago, Spike said:

Top quality banter.

No kidding - Kudos to the Galaxy for posting this and sticking it to the refs. Really makes the MLS refs look bad, but those were awful yellow cards given. 

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