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Karl Robinson Sacked By Charlton

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They were utterly dire when I saw them a few weeks ago against Shrewsbury, they lacked anything close to resembling a game plan, had no urgency and created absolutely nothing after hitting the crossbar after ten minutes and their fans’ reaction at the final whistle was telling, Robinson got a load of grief, greatly deserved as well, so this isn’t a massive shock. 

I don’t know if this throws the sale of the club into doubt as well, why would you sack a manager if you were close to selling the club? Surely you’d leave that to any new owner?

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He's doing well. Three straight wins. The players like his approach and I like the way he's grabbed the bull by the horns and stated if I fail, I'm going to fail but doing it my way. And the fans are behind him because he's 'one of their own', which always helps.

I've a lot of time for Bow. Was brilliant for us and can consider himself very unlucky not to have represented his country more. The court case was a massive hindrance and he was fighting for spots with the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard, Dyer etc. Any other period, he'd have had a load more caps.

Charlton are a weird one. Seem to always be in a mess there off the field with the owner situation and the fans seem downbeat on how the club is run and yet they are bang in contention for playoffs. They really should be knocking on the door anyway.


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I’m not shocked to see Charlton are in good form now Robinson’s gone. I’ve never been overly impressed by his teams or his ability as a manager.

The players looked disillusioned and disinterested when I saw them vs Shrewsbury last month. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they’ve turned a corner without him. They were heading for mid-table nothingness this season under Robinson. 

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