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Clarence Seedorf & Patrick Kluivert to Front Cameroon Coaching Team

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While I wasn't a fan of his managerial stint at Milan, I like that he was given a chance there as we don't see many black managers these days and we should. The discrimination in football is disguting. Even African nations tend to go for Europeans. 

I think the whole Milan thing was a bit too soon for him though and he could do a lot better at Cameroon, especially given the past few teams have been wank. Even if they won an African cups, they are always plagued with FA political scandals and don't always perform to their max, so it wouldn't be a top feat to make them better.

I hope he does well. He's a very likeable bloke. 

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Seedorf done pretty well considering what was going on at Deportivo La Coruña... He should've stayed there and getting Deportivo back into La Liga would've been a recognisable feat.  This what they've chosen is what outsider coaches do.

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40 minutes ago, Panna King said:

Very strange move for both Seedorf and Kluivert, they should get proper jobs instead of these jobs that only last a year or so.  Seedorf needs to start off at a team in The Netherlands like what Rijkaard did. 

Why did Clarence leave Depor?

I have no idea why these ex-players do the rounds which in actual fact gives them no credence when the job is left half done. No matter how well you done in the time you were there, you’ve got to finish the job until you’re either sacked or the club can’t maintain you.

Even on the maintenance issue here we’re talking about individuals that are sorted financially.

Going to somewhere like Cameroon or most places in Africa smells of taking advantage of a payday.

So the question is put there as to how serious they are about their coaching careers. 

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