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Belgian and Dutch Cross-Border League To Be Discussed

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I think this is the reality of clubs in these divisions competing financially with the rest of Europe. It may also improve attendances there as well as more competition is created, plus the higher the attendances the better the product looks on television. Belgium had two teams I believe get 20k+ attendance on average last season, 2 more at 18k+. Holland about 5 teams.

If Scottish sides were to compete in any cross border competition I'd expect the Glasgow sides to push for a move into England, but would assume the rest would rather a Scandinavian link up (assuming they were on board with the idea). I don't think Scottish clubs would be as keen for this sort of competition as Dutch or Belgium maybe.

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I can’t see this happening in all honesty. It seems a good idea but if you’re a middling Belgian or Dutch team, you’re not going to vote for this because you’re probably not likely to be “promoted” to this level and if you’re not included, you then lose your games against the big sides from your respective country, losing you matchday income, TV money etc. 

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It means a worse football experience for a lot of clubs fans.

For example right now 2 teams celebrate like mad winning the league. This would mean only 1 team a year can do that. This extends to other things like cup competitions, european places etc.

What is the goal? So Ajax can make the Champions League quarter final every now and then?

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This is always discussed,  Will never happen due to clubs will lose their identities.  The Belgian league also does not have the profile, their teams would suffer the most as PSV and Ajax are far more stronger then any Belgian side.      Belgium football also is on a massive decline, people are neglecting this as they have good players at the moment but have nothing else coming through.  People also forget a lot of the current Belgian players came through the youth at Dutch teams.  Now they are trying to by passing this route due to the hype of the Belgium national teams and they are going to Italy, Spain, England etc they will not grow and will make them suffer in the future.  

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