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'Frauds' and 'Bottlers': Football Fans New Obsession

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'The Premier League and media have provided the petri dish, but the nature of football support itself seems to have changed. Tribalism continues to grow to the extent that many take any praise for an opposition club as blasphemy of their own, and the anger of these people is extraordinary. Journalists and writers joke about it (and I’m taking out my small violin here), but appalling personal abuse is received for accused bias against every top six team. Crucially, this extremism becomes self-fulfilling. Self-centredness breeds isolation, isolation breeds more anger and anger breeds further self-centredness."

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I read this the other day, I'd say I'm partially guilty although not quite calling people frauds despite clearly being good. It's a very good article. Football does pander too much to idiots.

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Essentially that’s just an article that says that we live in 2019, a time where a vast amount of people worldwide have access to the Internet and particularly, social media, where they can voice an opinion to the world, whether their opinion is popular, unpopular or just plain stupid.

The Football fan’s social media has people of many forms. Some accounts online are superb, I’m sure we all have opinions on these accounts and could probably all name a few accounts that we like, follow or are “friends” with that uses statistical research to back up an opinion and/or provides factual information. 

There’s a load of idiots out there though. These people seem to get most of the attention though. The imbeciles from ArsenalFanTV are certainly not representative of the whole Arsenal support but these blokes, blokes going absolutely mental when Arsenal lose, almost masochistic and twisted because they financially profit from the team they claim to support losing, are the ones get “views” and “likes” come the weekend, not the everyday, level headed Arsenal fan who can go to a game and not lose their rag at the result, not because they care less than someone else or they’re less intelligent or knowledgable. 

We in Britain give idiots too much fame. Whether that’s fame in its traditional sense of being televised or on radio or the new kind of game in being shown on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we give too many people, often of no intellectual or insightful sense, too much time as a person in the limelight but not only that but we live in a time when anybody has the power to create their own limelight through such behaviour. 

Dave tweeting a team “good team selection, c’mon boys” is nowhere near as “interesting” to some and Craig tweeting “fuck sake, hate [player name], hope he gets shot” or some other shite like that. 

Ultimately, we have to stop giving attention to dickheads. 

I also think times have changed and as much as club chairmen get stick for not sticking with a manager, the attitudes and patience of football fans is now paper thin. 

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