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  1. Yeah I think that’s probably how I actually feel but after watching a Merseyside derby where we looked useless up against a pretty shit Everton side & after the last few weeks we’ve had I’m pissed off and unable to give actual balanced takes.
  2. I don’t think it’s throwing toys out the pram to want players like Nunez and Diaz out. Nunez in particular has probably been the player we have that’s damaged our title race the most. If he could put away 1/5 of the chances he’s wasted, we’d probably be sitting pretty. He’s just not improving - he’s got many strengths but his weaknesses are as weak as ever. Not wanting us to persist with Nunez, Diaz and Gakpo isn’t wanting most of the team sold. It’s wanting rid of 3 players that just aren’t good enough.
  3. According to the Daily Mail, Vincent Kompany told Darren England he was a "fucking cheat" multiple times in their match against Chelsea. Now if the Daily Mail is telling the truth (and that's a big if) it makes what Kompany said after the match so funny. After the match, Kompany said: "I've said it to the referees themselves, the officials, refereeing hasn't been good enough this season. And I have said that in, I think, a constructive way."
  4. Every Liverpool fan I know has completely lost patience with him and just us to eat the loss and move him on ASAP. Terrible signing. Julian Ward must have been a United or Everton fan too. Came in, pissed away a load of money on some bad signings, then promptly quit and fucked off into the sunset. No idea where he's at now, but he probably shouldn't be working in football lol
  5. If anyone's interested in Salah for a decent price this summer, I think we'd be mental not to sell. He's been rubbish since his return from the AFCON injury and is genuinely looking like one of our worst players out there. He'll always be a legend and I've got nothing but respect for the man for how he's played for us but... I'm increasingly believing he's well passed his best. Nunez needs to be shown the door ASAP imo. I've given up all hope with him. He's aged me with his incomprehensibly shit finishing - I'm tired of watching him play for us. In some ways, maybe the way things have fallen off for us so dramatically is a good thing in the long run. I think now nobody will question really any big changes Edwards & Hughes might want to make and I think there's a lot less pressure on Slot/whoever the fuck comes in after Klopp considering how the season's fallen apart.
  6. Yeah that's because Arjen Robben was actually world class, while Diaz is a million miles from world class
  7. He works hard but he's got absolute dogshit end product. Like Arjen Robben, always just cutting inside looking to shoot - only problem is he's fucking shit at shooting.
  8. Two goals down in a Merseyside derby and he's putting on defenders instead of bringing on the young striker who's actually looked clinical when given a chance for us... terrible all around from Klopp and from the squad. Nothing to play for and nothing to lose now, might as well bench the flops like Nunez and Diaz and give the kids a go instead. Got a hell of a lot more faith in them tbh.
  9. No it was fucking stupid. But some of these players should be forced out for the way this season’s fallen apart tbh.
  10. It's mental we're still in the title race tbh. Farmer's league confirmed.
  11. Not to keen on Szobo starting over Endo at the moment, but would be a good match for him to rediscover form.
  12. IR sentences Iran’s biggest rapper to death: https://www.iranintl.com/en/202404240714
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