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  1. x

    10 hours ago, Smiley Culture said:

    Not seen the incident but read Benitez’s bizarre comments. Goalkeepers are most certainly a protected species in this country, often overly protected and often, overly awarded fouls. 

    As for that game, it’s now a two way shoot out for 7th for me between Wolves and Watford. Everton, West Ham and Bournemouth are too inconsistent. 

    No Everton dig?

    Great result for everton, partying on the streets last night. Rafa Benitez is pissed off and he used to manage Liverpool :ph34r:

    Newcastle did well and it should've been a foul on Dubravka. I think Newcastle will be alright, they aren't great but there are 3 worse teams. Longstaff very good again.

  2. Fantastic day yesterday. Holt and Huckerby drinking with supporters in a pub before the game set the tone, what a feeling around the club atm, everyone pulling in the same direction. Holt also sat in the barclay stand, the row in front of me, about 5 seats away. Just a brilliant day, really feeling it today though, should've booked today off work, school boy. Onel scoring after a couple of mins was incredible. They actually had a decent spell after half time but they just have zero quality.

    Fantastic finishes from Pukki. His first goal was a world class finish. Hits it early before the keeper sets himself, he often does that often, much like Kane does.

    Really embarrassing from Lambert, after saying in his pre-match press conference that you need a cool head on derby day. Farke is cool as fuck. I still struggle to properly hate lambert, i'll just always rememebr them 3 brilliant seasons he gave us.

    City going up and the town are going down!!

  3. 19 hours ago, Blue said:

    Mate, I know I'm not the greatest of members in most peoples eyes, but at least I try to improve that image. Looking back at my fate on Storts forum, I basically tried to get banned on purpose when I realized the people there were deluded enough to prefer a pest like Teso over me. Just look at Marc - prime example.

    I try my best to offer something to the forum at the very least.

    A prime example of what?

    19 hours ago, Blue said:

    I'm going to be brutally honest with you mate, and I know my opinion doesn't mean anything. That's fine, I don't run this forum.

    To begin with, don't take this post the wrong way. I've criticized you in the past but I was an idiot and I think you deserve plaudits for sticking around to help keep the forum clean, as well as being lenient enough to not run in a military dictatorship way. That's excellent. I will criticize though that the staff needs to grow some balls just for this one time to get rid of the pest that's ruining the forum (Teso).

    Again, it's totally up to you but he derails every discussion imaginable and is constantly trolling others. He's not the type of member that we want on here...

    I think I speak on behalf of the forum in saying that he needs to go. I'm almost confident I do actually.

    Is asking for Teso and myself to be banned every 5 minutes and then the childish name calling what you bring to the forum? I've lost count of the number of times you've asked for the notorious TESO to be banned 

  4. 7 hours ago, Danny said:

    I like the idea of the youth coming together to create a better atmosphere, English football has missed that. But I'm not a fan of the wannabe European style ultras, it just sounds shit and looks shit.

    If you wanna create something then go ahead, but leave the drums and the shitty chequered flags at home because it looks and sounds horrific. What happened to quality songs being sung rather than everyone going "whooa whooa whooa whooa" to a repetitive drum beat.

    Yeah, think I’m with you Danny. There will be plenty of chequered flags in the Barclay today.

    @The Palace Fan thoughts on your group of lads? 

  5. Why do you post goal updates @Stan?

    M’boro v Leeds draw perfect. I fancied stoke to get something against WBA so a little annoyed with that.

    the big one tomorrow. I will be queuing up at spoons for a beer at 9am, joy. Nervous but excited as always. Same team as last week I think.

    3-1 Norwich. Late Rhodes goal and he’s celebrates in front of them, please. 

  6. Does your club have one that's trying to improve the atmosphere? And what's your thoughts on them? Any choreographed displays or a 'march' to the ground? I think Palace have quite a big supporter group, Celtic etc...

    We have one that is growing in size and popularly and i'm really unsure of my thoughts on it. They've raised a lot of money, purchased a load of flags to create pretty displays before the game, but does it improve the atmosphere? or is it just for nice pics for the TV and social media? i'm not sure. Atmosphere is created with singing and clapping, not the waving of flags. It seems a little forced to me.

    I would say ours has improved the atmosphere, but we are also playing well, it'll be interesting to see if this continues when we are doing shit. I'm guessing it will fall on its arse.

    We have a big 'surprise' display planned pre-game tomorrow and a 'march' from a nearby wetherspoons to Carrow Road. I find the march a bit cringe and won't be participating. I'm a traditionalist in a lot of my footballing views and these forced European style atmosphere isn't how I view supporting a football team. Let's just sing song about ipswich being shit and gve out some wanker signs.

  7. 5 hours ago, LFCMike said:

    They do still have something to play for. They can potentially qualify for Europe this season depending on how the FA Cup pans out. It's a bit different if it's last game of the season with nothing to play for but there's a third of the season to go. The vocal minority of blues on social media etc are just embarrassing.

    It's no surprise that someone who supports a small time club thinks like this though

    To be honest I forgot about the Europa league, partly because I don’t think Everton are likely to finish 7th at the moment. The mighty wolves, Watford etc are in pole position, But yes, good point.

    I’ll take the small time club comment with a pinch of salt and assume you are attempting to wind me up or you are a non-match attending Liverpool ‘fan’ that Lacks the comprehension of supporting a club no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small time’ that club may be.

  8. If I was an Everton fan I would’ve wanted to lose. I think I’d have done similar to what a few Everton fans did and not bothered going or offered my ST to someone. I wouldn’t have wanted to attend the game and now wanted my team to win.!

    You've got to be a match attending supporter or at least local to your club to understand the hatred of s rivalry, colleagues in the office, friends that support the opposition etc. If Norwich/Ipswich were in that position (lol) why would I care if Norwich finished 10th instead of 9th if it means Ipswich not winning the league? If Everton had something to play for themselves it would be different.

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