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  1. You had your messiah in JC. Enough mud was slung that he didn't get there, and the kneejerk response from the party was the safest shittest candidate possible. Small target campaign.
  2. Starmer has spoken about it obviously, and when Labour are in charge post election he has made it pretty clear that nothing will change on this issue.
  3. Neither government does. The schools need repair. Neither party is fronting up the bill to repair ALL the schools (not even close). So both parties seem to agree that some schools need to collapse it seems.
  4. Yeah, I have been to a couple. Robbie Eagles headlined both, and one had Ospreay in it too.
  5. Oh absolutely. They're a very 'old fashioned' bunch. At the end of my degree I will have the last laugh, but you're right, this mob loves exploiting people.
  6. Here's the issue with a walkout/report. My mate, who's a bit of a hard cunt, hooked me up with a job at his dads pub bottleshop about 4 years ago. (the dad is the owner referenced earlier) They own 4 bottlemarts, 2 pubs and a restaurant. I worked at a different bottlemart for a few years before moving to this one a few months back, for more hours. My mate HATES this manager, and dislikes his dad too. Anyway, I will finally finish my degree around this point next year, and just need to ride out the next 8-12 months. I'm not going to rock the boat, and I've walked out over less at other jobs. But I get paid pretty well, my hours are great and don't worry, I'll get much more than that 15 bucks worth of value in my own time in my own way.
  7. Basically I'm never doing her another favor, and going tools down at knock off from now on.
  8. I work in alcohol retail. Last week my store boss who works with me on Wednesdays for deliverys left early by about 30 minutes. She serves customers and puts away the stock I bring to the front of house, while I move all the boxes from pallets on the truck to the dock, then boxes from the dock to their homes (by hand). She left me with 30 mins worth of stock to put away front of house. After moving all the stock for 2 hours, then refilling the cool room stock near the end of shift (another 40+ cases by hand with assistance from a small trolley that holds 4 cases) I had my dinner as I usually do. By closing time the store was still a mess with work to be done, so I stayed back 30 minutes to work on it. I put that on my timesheet. I get a call on payday from the store owner, who is basically an owner/area manager. He says he's going to check with my store boss to make sure I was there the 30 minutes by checking the camera. Knowing I was, I say no worries and didn't stress about it... until I didn't get paid that 30 minutes. When I saw her yesterday at work she basically said "you're not in trouble, because you did stay back, but if you'd worked harder during normal shift time, you could have gotten everything done" so they didn't pay me.
  9. Me. Finally strikers will play up front, midfielders will play in the midfield, defenders will defend, Neuer will only play 1 more game (a testimonial against Brazil). Things like the way different players affect each other on the pitch, and the specific roles players fill for their clubs will be important and considered.
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