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  1. Game 149: 78th min Game 150: 47th min, please
  2. The introduction of a DFL investor is off the table. During today's 36 DFL club's extraordinary meeting that proposal didn't get the the required 2/3 majority of the club's votes.
  3. @Tommy, @Michael, @Bluewolf, @Viva la FCB, @nudge, @Coma, @nawoo, @londonerlilie Your weekly reminder!
  4. @Michael, @Viva la FCB, @Bluewolf, @Tommy, @Coma, @nudge, @6666, @nawoo, @Eco, @londonerlilie, @Relling Your weekly reminder!
  5. Fürth 1-3 Darmstadt St Pauli 2-1 Karlsruhe Paderborn 2-0 Nürnberg Hannover 1-3 Kiel Rostock 2-2 Braunschweig Sandhausen 0-1 Hamburg Regensburg 1-3 Heidenheim Magdeburg 3-2 Bielefeld Kaiserslautern 2-2 Düsseldorf
  6. Dortmund 2-1 Mainz Leipzig 3-2 Schalke Union 3-1 Bremen Köln 2-2 Bayern Gladbach 1-1 Augsburg Frankfurt 3-4 Freiburg Wolfsburg 3-0 Hertha BSC Bochum 1-3 Leverkusen Stuttgart 2-1 Hoffenheim
  7. Hearts 3-1 Hibernian Brighton Women 2-2 Leicester Women Coventry 0-2 Luton Rennes 0-1 Monaco Orlando 1-2 Atlanta Utd Verona 1-3 Empoli AZ Alkmaar 2-2 PSV Regensburg 1-3 Heidenheim Leeds 2-2 Tottenham Almeria 3-1 Real Valladolid
  8. Arsenal 3-1 Wolves Aston Villa 1-2 Brighton Brentford 0-1 Man City Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle Crystal Palace 3-1 Nottm Forest Everton 2-1 Bournemouth Leeds 2-2 Tottenham Leicester 2-0 West Ham Man Utd 3-1 Fulham Southampton 0-4 Liverpool
  9. To be perfectly honest, they even burned more money in this period, since they additionally issued bonds and generated a transfer surplus during that period, not to mention the governmental financial corona support they received. Well, their hobby of hiring and giving managers long contracts just to fire them within the same season might have shown to be costly, also their players were very expensive for their ability. Doesn't explain that waste in it's full extent, though.
  10. Correct. Still this rotation system should have had ended last season, originally.
  11. Don't like that playoff nonsense neither. Still the current format was only planned for three years, iniatially it was projected that there would only be 4 existing Regionalligas afterwards. It were the RL Nordost and Rl Bayern clubs, who torpedoet that original decision because they wanted to keep their old DDR-Oberliga and Bavarian derbies respectively. Seeing the 3.Liga clubs only agreed to increase the number of relegated teams from 3 to 4 because of said decision it's of almost poetic justice that it's the champions of these two Regionalligas who play the play-off matches. On a sidenote Lübeck are already promoted, since HSV II didn't apply for a 3.Liga license.
  12. Had a look at him after I asked you. Wouldn't bet too much money on him having a good game against us, if I were you. Was red carded last match.
  13. Was pretty sure we wouldn't be promoted before that match, now FCS may have their chance to play the promotion play-off matches or even of being promoted directly under the condition we win our last match at home against Viktoria Köln. This promotion fight is nerve-wrecking. Am nervous like a racing horse although the final match is only on Saturday.
  14. Independant from the tax evasion cases against DFB, that are already pending, OLG Frankfurt has now (re)opened yet another one. It's about the WC 2006. This tournament proves to be an inexhaustible source of scandals, once again. http://www.kicker.de/naechste-volte-in-der-sommermaerchen-affaere-952694/artikel With all these juristically pending tax evasion scandals DFB came up with this questionable league investor idea, all of a sudden? A rogue, who thinks bad about it.
  15. Game 127: 28th min Game 128: 9th min, please
  16. Saw the highlights,. Especially the second one was cruelly terrible. What the hell was Amiri thinking at that moment?
  17. Corrected table after 33 matchday 1) @Stan 220 points 2) @Michael 217 points 3) @Viva la FCB 216 points 4) @Bluewolf 214 points 5) Rucksackfranzose 212 points 6) @Tommy 210 points 7) @Coma 195 points 8- @nudge 192 points 9) @6666 191 points 10) @CaaC (John) 158 points 11) @nawoo 144 points 12) @Eco 133 points 12) @londonerlilie 133 points 12) @Relling 133 points
  18. Came into the false Column whilst registering the results, tried to edit it and got an awkward notification of this post being not editable anymore. Will post a new table including you. I apologize.
  19. Let's not knock around the bush, the majority of us shat the bed pointwise this round. Matchday 33 1) Coma 9 points 1) Tommy 9 points 3) CaaC(John) 6 points 3) nudge 6 points 5) 6666 4 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 3 points 6) Stan 3 points 8- Bluewolf 2 points 8- Michael 2 points 8- Viva la FCB 2 points Although he only scored 3 points himself Stan indeed managed to extend his lead. Table after 33 matchdays 1) @Stan 220 points 2) @Michael 217 points 3) @Viva la FCB 216 points 4) @Bluewolf 214 points 5) Rucksackfranzose 212 points 6) @Tommy 210 points 7) @Coma 195 points 8- @nudge 192 points 9) @6666 191 points 10) @CaaC (John) 158 points 11) @nawoo 144 points 12) @Eco 133 points 12) @londonerlilie 133 points 12) @Relling 133 points As already mentioned the final table won't be decided before in two weeks, since some players predicted cup winners that are still possible. Also since, I'm at the stadium on nexte Saturday and will be celebrating this season's end with some mates and alcoholic drinks afterwards, therefore the table after 34 matchdays will be posted later (probably not until next Sunday).
  20. 2-0 Dortmund now with less than 10 minutes plus injury time still to be played. Considering Augsburg play with ten men, that should have decided it.
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