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  1. ASF

    Portuguese Football

    Unfortunately, it was true. This really was a bottling job from us. We had 7 points of advantage. Just about 6/7 years ago, with an advantage like that, we would have killed any chance of Benfica coming near us. Standards have dropped in a way, no one would have imagined. Congrats to Machado. Enjoy the party tonight mate. FC Porto always.
  2. Liverpool will win this. When clubs from the same country have played each other in the CL final, the most prestigious club of the two have always come on top (Real vs Valencia in 2000; AC Milan vs Juventus in 2003; Man Utd vs Chelsea in 2008; Bayern vs Dortmund in 2013; and Real vs Atlético Madrid, in 2014 and 2016), and I expect no differently here. Tottenham have done well, but they are the Monaco of this decade's CL.
  3. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    My favorite moments of this episode: 1- Jaime and Tyrion goodbye; 2 - The Hound's last moment with Arya; 3- Cleganebowl. Shocking if Weiss and Benioff were the ones not wanting the show to have more episodes. They should be sacked from the industry for life.
  4. Congrats to the Pool guys in here. This is great. Gonzo mate, what did I told you? Us in the quarters, Barça in the semis. Same run like in the Uefa Cup you won, in 2001. Fuck Fútbol Club Barcelona.
  5. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Have to agree with the complaints of episode 3: after the dust settled and making a rational review, it was poor. Jon got absolutely robbed, of what should have been his moment with the Night King. And, for that only, fuck you HBO.
  6. Italian. Why? Because they're fucking awesome at everything.
  7. Harsh on Liverpool. They deserved much more. Messi is brilliant, but has a cuntish side that the media never highlights. I think Barça are as good as through. But a buzzing Anfield, on a Tuesday night, can still give them a good scare.
  8. ASF


    On pair with the first Avengers and Infinity War, I'd say Civil War and the first Iron Man.
  9. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Can't believe there's people moaning, after an episode like that. It was just epic. I'm going to re-watch it tonight.
  10. ASF


    Like making Captain Marvel, a character with no charisma and 0% connection with the public, to come in and save the day.
  11. ASF


    Critics saying Endgame is the best MCU movie made until now. Really hope they don't screw it with SJW bullshit.
  12. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Maisie is a woman now. Didn't had a problem with the sex scene, whatsoever.
  13. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Tormund. What a fucking legend. The next episode has everything to be the best, in the entire series.
  14. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Primary character: Jeor Mormont Secondary character: Maester Aemon Tertiary character: Barristan Selmy
  15. ASF

    Open Space vs Closed Door Work Spaces

    Closed doors. I'm someone of the opinion that, at work, there's no room for chit-chat convos about random stuff (whether is the fact that your daughter farted in the classroom or something involving your pet), so being in a space where you can be completely focused on what you have to do is definitely better for me.