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  1. Last movie you watched?

    I know. But I thought it would be much better than it was, considering it was the movie I was waiting for the most, last year.
  2. Last movie you watched?

    'Intimacy' 3/10 'River of No Return' 6/10 'The Birth of a Nation (2016)' 8/10 'The Commitments' 4/10 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' 7.5/10 'Grease' I don't like Travolta, but this was decent. 7/10 'Sing' 6/10 'Sully' 6.5/10 'The Emperor's New Groove' Weak. Good thing it doesn't last long. 4/10 'To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar' I love Patrick Swayze, but this one was poor. 3/10 'It (2017)' 'You'll float too.' Very good. 8/10 'Dunkirk' I expected more from it. One of the weakest war movies I've seen, despite having Tom Hardy in it. 6/10 'Creed' 5/10 'PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales' Rubbish. Depp had the best performance, so that tells you a lot about this movie. 3/10 'The Great Wall' Good visuals. Nothing else. 4/10 'Moana' Entertaining. I was quite surprised with it. 7.5/10
  3. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you all have a good one.
  4. Pixar vs Dreamworks

    Top, top movie and very powerful.
  5. Pixar vs Dreamworks

    If we're talking about animated movies from other studios, I'm going to include Studio Ghibli's movies. My top ten: 1st - Spirited Away 2nd - The Lion King 3rd - Your Name 4th - Wall-E/Finding Nemo 5th - Toy Story 6th - Beauty and the Beast 7th - My Neighbor Totoro 8th - Grave of the Fireflies 9th - How to Train your Dragon 10th - Ratatouille
  6. Pixar vs Dreamworks

    Pixar. Hands down. From them, you have: - Toy Story trilogy - Monsters, Inc. - Finding Nemo - The Incredibles - Ratatouille - Wall-E - Up - Inside Out Dreamworks - Shrek and Shrek 2 - Kung Fu Panda trilogy - How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 -
  7. Last movie you watched?

    'Get Out' 8/10
  8. Despite not being very active this year, the times I logged in and posted, those names are the ones that stood out for me. Congrats guys.
  9. Best Christmas Movie (FINAL)

    Love Actually. I'm a romantic.
  10. Christmas Forum Game - Santa v The Humbugs

    Team Santa FTW.
  11. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    Jokes aside, you should definitely see it. Top movie. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/best-christmas-movies/.
  12. We conceded just 5 goals in the league as well.
  13. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    . Is there something you want to tell us, Harvs? Some gems in that list, including my favorite movie of all time. I'm watching Love Actually again, this year. It's been a while since I last saw it.
  14. We conceded 10 goals in a tougher group than yours.
  15. Rando, nudge, Cicero, Anton and Machado.