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  1. ASF

    Your club team of the decade!

    No Luisão or Renato? This will be easy, considering that most of the team will consist of players that played for us, in the first half of the decade. GK - Iker Casillas RB - Danilo CB - Otamendi CB - Bruno Alves LB - Alex Sandro DM - Danilo CM - João Moutinho AM - James Rodriguez LW - Quaresma RW - Hulk FW - Falcão Manager - André Villas-Boas I decided to include Casillas because, quite frankly, I never liked Helton. I think he costed us too many times in Europe and we could have reached further/done more, with someone else as goalie. I hated the way AVB left the club, which I think ultimately led to Falcão also leaving and costing us a good chance at the CL, in 2011/12 (I don't think we would have won it necessarily, but a campaign to the quarters/semifinals was more than feasible, with that beast of a squad we had).
  2. ASF

    Last movie you watched?

    Amazed how they made a movie, about such an interesting subject, a complete borefest. Kudos to Gary Oldman though. He was great.
  3. ASF

    Guess the Movie

    Good movie this one. Wind River. You can go again, Ignis.
  4. ASF

    Last movie you watched?

    Re-watched Fight Club. 9/10 'BlacKkKlansman' It was decent, but nothing special. 7/10
  5. One for the veterans: WABHOB.
  6. ASF

    Oscars 2019

    One of the worst Marvel movies. If you wanted to nominate a popular, but good movie, then Infinity War was your movie.
  7. ASF

    Oscars 2019

    Only saw Black Panther from the Best Picture nominees. BlackKklansman looks interesting and Vice should be decent as well, but the rest of the best pics noms look dull. Just another 'meh' year.
  8. ASF

    Oscars 2019

    The nominees came out last Tuesday. https://oscar.go.com/nominees. Thoughts? Black Panther nominated for Best Picture is a piss-take.
  9. ASF

    Favorite Superheroes movies

    Age of Ultron was really subpar, compared to the first one and Infinity War.
  10. I fear for Endgame, really. Hope Marvel doesn't ruin it with some bullshit, that Captain Marvel comes in to save the day.
  11. Yeah, MBP was decent. Had him on Facebook, but he must have unfriended me.
  12. Unfortunately, this trend has gone on for a few years now and it's doing no good. I can understand people wanting minorities/more women in movies, but do it with some purpose, some credibility. Not just for the sake of it. Prime example of how SJW are ruining movies was the remake of Ghostbusters.
  13. Novus Audax was an Arsenal fan. His avatar said: I bring the ruckus to the ladies. Yeah. Lord Funk and Honking were previous admins.
  14. I do. Very argumentative fella. Let's see who can remember these persons: - Lord Funkicus of Tit Town; - Honking Antelope - Chelski Chav; - Liam; - Novus Audax; - Vidic15; - Jinky; - Oliveandblue; - Darth Moyes; - Gobshite's brother.
  15. You can say what you want about Kevin Costner, but Dances with Wolves is a top film. I agree about Django. One of the coolest movies I've seen, with one of the coolest characters. The thing that downgrades the Magnificent Seven for me is that, basically, it's Seven Samurai with guns. Same as A Fistful of Dollars. It's the same script of Yojimbo. I saw the samurai movies before the Westerns, so I rate those above these ones.