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  1. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Tormund. What a fucking legend. The next episode has everything to be the best, in the entire series.
  2. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    Primary character: Jeor Mormont Secondary character: Maester Aemon Tertiary character: Barristan Selmy
  3. ASF

    Open Space vs Closed Door Work Spaces

    Closed doors. I'm someone of the opinion that, at work, there's no room for chit-chat convos about random stuff (whether is the fact that your daughter farted in the classroom or something involving your pet), so being in a space where you can be completely focused on what you have to do is definitely better for me.
  4. Yeah, he's very wasteful. If he could improve that aspect of his game, he would be quite the forward. Klopp being nice, saying that this was the most difficult tie Liverpool had faced. Obviously, it wasn't, but good to see him not making us feel even more little, than we were. A small curiosity: Liverpool playing against Barcelona in the semis, means they will have played against the same opponents (us and Barça), at the same stages, like they did in the 2000/01 Uefa Cup.
  5. Don't think Eintracht was that superior, like you're saying. Benfica should and could have done better at home, but when Eintracht goes through because of a blatant off-side like that, I can't congratulate them and give credit for their qualification.
  6. Ridiculous that the CL has the VAR, but not the Europa League. Eintracht has done nothing, to justify being in the lead. They had more ball, but no clear chances. Benfica can pull this off.
  7. Agreed. Have some fucking pride, for fuck sake. This is not (will all due respect to those clubs) a Sunday League club. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, in a time where some of Europe's giants are going through a dry spell (Milan, Inter, Man Utd), but I grew up watching us going toe-to-toe with the best teams. Very rarely being twatted in the fashion we've been in the last 4 years, making our stadium a true fortress (it was, not long ago, one of the hardest places to go in Europe), and now, we've moved to this complete shambles we're in, at the moment. You know you've gone to the complete shitter when your fans applaud the team, after losing 1-4 at home. Pinto da Costa, quite simply, fuck off old bat. Congrats to the Pool boys in here. You were the best team over the two legs (again). Just a different level compared to us.
  8. We have to believe until there's no possibility to advance left. Hope we can create a magical atmosphere and push Liverpool against the ropes. 2-0, then to be decided on ET.
  9. ASF

    Game Of Thrones

    This season will be memorable.
  10. Well, we learned our lesson last season: not to play such a high line against this Liverpool side. You seem to be in first gear still. Good thing you're thinking of the game next weekend.
  11. Utter shite. We're giving the ball away too easily. Had some good chances, but we need to put those away if we want to do something in this tie. Don't think it was a penalty for us. The ball looked like it was already out.