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  1. Given it a 9/10, based on entertainment solely. Best WC since France 1998. But, like Toni said, there wasn't any legendary moment, one that you will still talk about 20 years from now.
  2. As much as I don't like it, it was a deserved win for France. Croatia, despite their strong entry in the match, created little danger in the entire game. France kept them where they wanted. The penalty is a clear call for me. It's nice not to see a decision like that, in such an important game,going against the underdog, but Perisic moves his hand to block the ball. Subasic looked poor in France's third and fourth goal. Should have done much more. It was an anti-climatic final for me. Ended up being the expected outcome, no suspense, no drama. At least this was a great WC.
  3. What was expected? We arrived the tournament as European champions, so a semi-final place, at least, was expected. Did you meet expectations? No. Below average result and the feeling we could/should have gone further. What went wrong/right? Some factors that could have gone against us, was the attack of Sporting hooligans on their players, which lead some of them to leave the club and play in the WC, with their future hanging in uncertainty. Some key players, like Raphael, not being in the ideal conditions. The pressure getting to some of the younger players. By the looks of it, the Ronaldo saga with Real didn't helped matters either. Best player? Most went under the radar, in this WC. But because of his goals, I'd say Ronaldo. Revelation? None. Disappointment? Raphael, Gonçalo Guedes, André Silva, Bruno Fernandes. Additional thoughts: We have quality players coming through, so the future keeps being bright.
  4. Belgium started good and looked the more comfortable team, in the first 25 minutes. England then matching the game and could have had one goal themselves. In this game, the average of goals has never been lower than 3 per match.
  5. Last movie you watched?

    Watch Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal. Both are brilliant.
  6. Pogba - 'In 2016, after beating Germany, we thought that it was already done. We told ourselves that we had won, after beating Germany. That was the real final for us.' What fucking helmets, the French are. Go on Croatia. Beat these mongs.
  7. Think Iniesta deserved it more in 2012. But agreed. A Spanish player not winning it either in 2010 or 2012 was ridiculous.
  8. I never said otherwise? Mate, I like you. But you seem to be onto something here. Seems like proving that the league is harder to win than the CL, is vital to you. Give it a rest. That wasn't even the point I was making, with my first post in this thread, tonight.
  9. Do it. You're comparing a cup competition, that is played throughout the entire season (at the same time that the league is played), with a cup competition that is played at the end of a 9/10 months season, when the top players/players from top leagues are exhausted after so much time playing football. I'm certain you can see the differences between both.
  10. I did no such thing. I stated that belittling a team's achievement is nonsense, because you can only beat what's put in front of you. My main point in that is the putting down some people do, to a team's achievement. No contradiction at all. Honestly, weird discussion you're trying to have here.
  11. You're comparing two different things. When people diminish a team's achievement, because the opposition they played, it's bollocks. Saying the CL is more difficult than winning the league is a different subject, as well as the reasoning behind that debate.
  12. It's silly to talk about easier or harder paths. You play what's put in front of you. England deserved to get to the semis because they beat their opponents, regardless of the fact if they were or not big names. The same with us in 2016. 'Fucking Portugal, had one of the easier paths I can remember.' Yeah, fuck off. You can face teams with an emptier CV than Germany or Italy, but that doesn't necessarily mean you've already won. Just look at Belgium in 2016 and Spain in this WC.
  13. 3 consecutive ET's, two of them ending with penalties, and one day less of rest than France? Too much for any team.
  14. Deep mate. No worries. Something will get your way, someday.