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  1. Tried sending a PM 4 times, but it doesn't appear like it was sent. So, I tried sending a new PM and it didn't went through either.
  2. Shaft (1971) 8/10
  3. This. You're not teenagers anymore. The time for games has long gone. Stanley, congrats mate! Hope it all went well.
  4. No one said they were conspiring. However, the bending the knee before games started right after the death of George Floyd and all the circus that followed (I don't think he deserved to die like that, but this man was a criminal, even pointed a gun at a pregnant woman). So it's hard to not believe that the two are linked. If they're not, then fair enough. Hum? Ok. No objections. I'm clearly not a racist, because I've stated before that the human dignity is the same for all people. As for being mislead, see my answer to Rando.
  5. @Gunnersauraus, a racist? Hahaha. Just fuck off mate. You're probably one of those imbeciles that feel guilty because of their 'white privileges'. Glad to see you know who I am, because I have no clue who the fuck are you (nor do I care). You're not the sharpest tool in the box and you don't have the intellect to argue against me, so cheerio bellend. @RandoEFC, I'll reply to your post later mate.
  6. Horseshit. I don't like to see players bending the knee, because they are showing support to a political group that creates even more racism than fighting it. So, yes, I don't like the bending the knee, for the reason above and because it brings politics into football.
  7. I was talking about her as well.
  8. The World Cup should stay every four years. That's the reason why it's so special, same as the Euros. And the format should stay like it is, with 32 teams. One day, we'll have half the globe playing the World Cup, at the rate they're changing the rules. I would like to point this out: what's the fuss with Grealish? The way some people were talking about him, you would think he's the new Maradona. Wasn't that impressed with him, not because of this game, but during the whole tournament.
  9. Well, I'm a bit old fashioned with this: if you screwed around, now bear the consequences. With that said, approach her calmly about this subject. Ask her what are her thoughts: if she wants to go ahead with the pregnancy, does she think this will jeopardize any projects she has and most important, tell her that you'll be by her side, no matter the decision she takes. In the ASF camp, I met the most amazing woman ever. We started off brightly, always talking loads. Yesterday, she tells me she doesn't feel comfortable talking about certain subjects with me (like politics, social causes, etc.). That we have different views on the world and that, in a relationship, that can be a problem. Thinks I have sexist, racist and homophobic ideas (I was like what?). I then told her I was none of that and that I was going to show her the man I am.
  10. England was just too happy to get the goal and sit back the rest of the match. Italy was struggling in the first 30 minutes and if England had kept pushing forward, I think they would have got a second one. Bonucci was immense and, despite Donnarumma being decisive in the final, I think Bonucci was the best player this tournament. @Carnivore Chris to answer your question, I'm just not that much into football anymore. Sure, I still enjoy watching the Euros and World Cups (these will always be special tournaments), but club football just isn't the same anymore. And by taking a step back from it, you can give a more objective analysis of what's happening, without your emotions getting in the way of your judgment.
  11. England looking very comfortable. Or Italy change massively or this is in the bag for England.
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