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  1. What a farce. Non-existent penalty to open the score, the third goal apparently was illegal (some Argentinean subs are on the pitch when Messi is about to score and the ref should have ruled it off), Coman fouled inside the box in the 97th minute (added time of the first 90m, not in Extra-Time) and the ref keeps the game on. Congrats FIFA.
  2. So many memories reading this thread. Darth Toffee saying Joe Hart was better than Buffon. Chazz telling me he would ban me in five seconds. Scouse Moose thinking Any O' was Gazza. The clique. Tutty and his twin brother. Great Gooner's meltdown. And the list goes on.
  3. Like Machado said, he's got charisma, a winning mentality and I think the players would die for him on the pitch.
  4. Should have gone, at least, after the last Euro. Mourinho is the strongest option to succeed. The FPF, apparently, offers him the possibility of coaching Roma and the NT at the same time. Don't know if Roma will accept that and how successful that could be for us. Personally, if we can't have Mourinho full-time, I would give Jorge Jesus a chance. He would bring in an attacking mentality to this side.
  5. Want France to win, to make it 13-9 in WC wins for Europe. And to see the midget cunt crying. Argentina 1-2 France
  6. The game no one wants to play. Think Croatia will want it more than Morocco. 1-0
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1af0p9blF8. Inferiority complex. Cinco estrelas sao demasiado para eles.
  8. Saw (Billy, the puppet's mask), Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee's poster), Harry Potter franchise (the snitch), Beauty and the Beast (The dying rose), Le Ballon Rouge (The red balloon).
  9. Hope it's better than Tenet. Didn't even finish it. Interstellar, Inception and Memento are his best movies for me.
  10. Another poor performance by the ref tonight. Watching the quality of refereeing at this WC, it's mind-boggling why we didn't had any ref there. Our refs aren't as bad as these lot. France were very mature. They sat back, but Morocco never looked like they were going to score. Hopefully, they'll win Sunday and save us from a Messi wankfest afterwards.
  11. Perhaps people don't like his snidey attitude, which the press is quick to brush it under the carpet, because it's the Messiah? He's been one of the best we've seen, but let's face it: he's had the media on his side for the past 16 years, won awards just due to his name (i.e. the Ballon D'Or in 2010), is more protected by the refs, which leads to a feeling that everything is much more favorable for him than it would be for any other player, so it's easy to see why there are people who are not in the Messi bandwagon. I was expecting more from Croatia. Those two goals in a row killed any reaction they could have. On the penalty debate, have to agree it was well awarded.
  12. ASF

    Social Media

    This will open a can of worms, so let's leave it there. Haven't said anything much and have already been called a nutter, so it's not worth it.
  13. ASF

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    Because of their hypocrisy and double standards. And because woke people are annoying. Don't be silly.
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