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  1. Wait Sir Balonn left????

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    2. football forum


      I second that, as I've never had any issues with @Rucksackfranzose]

    3. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      Nah Rucksack is a gem, tbh the bundesliga section is great; life is harmonious. Cesspool and rucksack? thats about as far off as you can get. Balon just got his panties in a knot everytime anyone has anything to say thats negative towards Barca but he usually kept his head. That day he went clearly off the deep end, dont know If he had something going on in his personal life but that would make some sense. 

    4. football forum


      So in conclusion. If you have a problem with Rucks, the problem is probably you. :110_writing_hand:

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