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Hi folks,

Getting a few posts about the knockout rounds of this and wondering who will play who so I just thought I would clear it up.

The Last 32 will work in the same way as the real World Cup, with the winner of Group A vs the runner-up of Group B etc. The following rounds will be drawn completely random as each round passes by.

I will post the full draw in here then we will have the voting threads separate. 

Winner A vs Runner-Up B
Winner B vs Runner-Up A
Winner C vs Runner-Up D
Winner D vs Runner-Up C
Winner E vs Runner-Up F
Winner F vs Runner-Up E
Winner G vs Runner-Up H
Winner H vs Runner-Up G
Winner I vs Runner-Up J
Winner J vs Runner-Up I
Winner K vs Runner-Up L
Winner L vs Runner-Up K
Winner M vs Runner-Up N
Winner N vs Runner-Up M
Winner O vs Runner-Up P
Winner P vs Runner-Up O


I will update the draw as it takes shape.

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2 minutes ago, Tsubasa said:

Well, my group was pretty tough. 

The toughest.

I would go as far as saying you'd have got out of any other group. Blame the random generator site I used :D 

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