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Which Players Are Good Enough For the Top 4?

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Michael Keane, apparently!

You'd think players like Lukaku, Gueye, Mahrez (?), Ward-Prowse, Lanzini, Zaha (?), Butland, Pickford, Sigurdsson would all be able to play some part in a squad that competes in the Premier League and Champions League. 

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I'd only class it as players that would walk into a first XI of a top 4 team. The problem is that there are plenty of players that shine in a small team but don't make that same impression for a bigger team.

Lukaku is obviously one. As is Virgil Van Dijk, hence why they are the two 'big' players likely to be signed up by a Top 4 team this summer.

Aside from them, players who could walk into Top 4 teams IMO would be players like Ryan Bertrand, Rihad Mahrez, Jordan Pickford, Seamus Coleman, Michael Keane and possibly a left field choice here, but also Fernando Llorente.

Oriel Romeu and Gylfi Sigurdsson have had great season's but I'm not sure if that's just because they can do it for a small club but not a big one.

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I do think Mahrez is good enough. In a more attacking, possession orientated side you'll see a different player to what you saw last year. Some of his touches, dribbling and through balls are top class. While he did often disappoint I think he missed Kante's presence, as did most of them.

I pretty much entirely agree with Lucas' selection to be honest. Struggling to think of too many outside of those. Llorente's an interesting shout.

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