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What if the relegated teams from each top league formed their own division?

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As the title suggests, if we take all of the relegated teams from some of Europe's top divisions how would this new ''Super'' League look? Would the likes of Sunderland cake-walk to the title or would we have a surprise or two? I've put the league together after looking at the top leagues in Europe according to UEFA.

  1. Darmstadt (Germany)
  2. Ingolstadt (Germany)
  3. Granada (Spain)
  4. Osasuna (Spain)
  5. Sporting Gijon (Spain)
  6. Sunderland (England)
  7. Middlesbrough (England)
  8. Hull City (England)
  9. Nacional (Portugal)
  10. Arouca (Portugal)
  11. Westerlo (Belgium)
  12. Pescara (Italy)
  13. Palermo (Italy)
  14. Empoli (Italy)
  15. Go Ahead Eagles (Holland)
  16. Roda JC (Holland)
  17. NEC (Holland)
  18. Bastia (France)
  19. Nancy (France)
  20. Lorient (France)
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Palermo, Hull, Middlesbrough and the top 4 would fight it out for winning the league or finishing top 2/3. 

Imagine the shame you cast upon the club you play for if you got relegated from the Relegation's Finest. 

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5 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Would the likes of Sunderland cake-walk to the title

No chance without Defoe. Sunderland's squad last year was probably one of the worst sides I've ever seen in the top flight. I imagine they'd be mid-table, at best, assuming that other countries relegated sides were more unlucky and less generally shite than Sunderland. Having said that though, there's a good case that relegated sides from across Europe are equally as good as Sunderland. Which is to say, they're also shite.

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