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Quiz League Guidelines and FAQ

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Some general guidelines for how this is going to be run - mods please sticky this post.

Format - Each round of the quiz league will contain 10 questions depending on the theme of the quiz. This theme may be General Knowledge, or it may be based on a specific competition, league, country, club, manager or player. Each question on each quiz will be worth 1 point. The quiz will not tell you what score you got straight away, the answers will be revealed by me when the deadline passes.

Timings - From when I post a new quiz, you have at least 72 hours to submit your answers. Your entry may be accepted beyond this deadline depending on whether I'm online and able to collect results at exactly 72 hours, but if you want to be safe you should make sure you submit it during the 72 hour window. The quizzes will still be available on the website for a while longer than this, so you can have a go at past quizzes if you've missed them but your score won't be counted towards the league standings.

Rules - Obviously there is no way of policing this but it should go without saying that Google is banned once you have opened the quiz and start answering the questions. I am trusting that, as this is just a bit of fun and we're all grown-ups, nobody is going to cheat. As you won't find out the answers and what score you got until I release the answers at the end of the 72 hour window, please refrain from discussing known answers in the quiz thread until I have done this in order to prevent latecomers having an unfair advantage.

Standings - After I compile the results from each quiz, I will post the answers in the relevant thread along with a grid showing who got which answers right or wrong. There will also be overall standings updated after each round. There will be an overall leader, the person with the most points, but also an average leader, the person with the highest average, so that any people that join late or have to miss a few rounds can still have bragging rights if they are scoring consistently well. The average one won't come into effect until a few rounds have passed and there will be a minimum number of rounds that you have to have taken part in before you qualify for the "average" table, so that one person can't get 10/10 in one round, never play again and end up on top forever.

Accessing the Quizzes - The website I'm using for the quizzes requires a five-character access code to open them, which I will post with the link to the quiz when a new one is published. It also asks you for a First Name and Last Name when you click the link - for this you're probably best off just putting your Username for both.


If there are any burning questions that I haven't covered above, please ask them below so that I can add the necessary information to this post.

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2 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Is this the unfurnished bedroom that also acts as a bathroom, kitchen and garage? :ph34r:

It'll be finished in 4 weeks B|

2 hours ago, Stan said:

can we just have your bedroom?

It's bigger than most houses 😎

1 hour ago, Bluewolf said:

Wont that be the Booby Prize?? B|

Is that you Swifty? :ph34r:

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