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Matchday 3 Round Up

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Goal of the Round - 

Your teams player of the round - 

Overall player of the round* - 

Result of the round - 

*can leave this blank if you want as you may have only seen highlights aside from a whole match you might have watched. 

For those that require reminders of how each game turned out:
Bournemouth 1-2 Man City (Daniels; Jesus, Sterling)
Crystal Palace 0-2 Swansea (Abraham, Ayew)
Huddersfield 0-0 Southampton
Newcastle 3-0 West Ham (Joselu, Clark, Mitrovic)
Man Utd 2-0 Leicester (Rashford, Fellaini)
Watford 0-0 Brighton
Chelsea 2-0 Everton (Fabregas, Morata)
West Brom 1-1 Stoke (Jay Rodriguez, Crouch)
Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal (Firmino, Mane, Salah, Sturridge)
Tottenham 1-1 Burnley (Alli; Wood)


My choices:

Goal of the Round - Charlie Daniels vs Man City. Sensational strike and caught it so sweetly to give Ederson absolutely no chance. Not bad for a left back. 

Your team's player of the round - Tough to choose between Maguire and Schmeichel but I'll give it to the latter for his penalty save against Lukaku. He's now saved more penalties than his dad did at Old Trafford.

Overall player of the round* - Having watched today's game between Liverpool and Arsenal, I was really impressed with Mane and Salah and how they complement the Liverpool side as a whole. Loved Mane's curling finish as well to finish off a perfectly-executed counter attack so I'll give it to him. The speed of both players means they make the team so well-balanced going forward. They both do their hard yards in helping out their full backs too which is an added bonus.

Result of the round - As we all know Arsenal's defence is considerably amateur, I'll give the result of the round to Burnley for grabbing another away point. I bet when they first saw the fixture list they would have been laughing if someone told them they'd take 4 points from Spurs and Chelsea away. 

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Goal of the Round -    Chelsea - Fabregas - clever one-two by Cesc and Alvaro with that too many defenders around them

Player of the Round -  United - Pogba -  no goal but he's trying a lot of things, braver this time round

Result of the Round -   Arsenal NiL.   what more can i say ....

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Goal of the Round - Daniels v Man City. Just a superb strike, absolutely excellent technique.

Your Team's Player of the Round - Harry Maguire. This bloke is looking like potentially one of the steals of the summer. He's got everything I want in a defender.

Player of the Round - Sadio Mane. Kante was apparently brilliant mind.

Result of the Round - Newcastle 3-0 West Ham. Will sound like I'm massively under-crediting Liverpool here but is anyone seriously surprised by that earlier? Liverpool are terrific against the top sides and Arsenal are a complete joke (which to a degree actually contradicts the first point). Liverpool the most impressive side I saw this weekend, but Newcastle's win was excellent really, whoever lost that was in disarray and they've come out and thumped West Ham. That'll ease a lot of worries. Shout out for Burnley too.

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