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F1 2024 - Car launches

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Never been less excited for an F1 season. 24 races, each one just watching it in the background and starting to pay vague attention if Verstappen qualifies outside the top 10 or actually has a fight on his hands.

Unless a team pulls something out of the bag and challenges Red Bull it's probably going to be the least entertaining F1 season of my lifetime.

We've had dominance before but the sheer excess of going up to 23-24 races has turned F1 from something to look forward to into a chore. Even when Vettel or Hamilton was dominating you'd get 2-3 weeks between some races for other narratives to develop or just to increase the suspense. Now there's just no chance because by the time the Austrian anthem has finished playing there's another Practice Session on.

Sprints are shite as well. Basically let's watch the same guy win 30 races this season instead of 24.

Really hope I'm wrong.

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First glance of an actual 2024 car. Haas at it's shakedown today. Looks like the sidepods are completely re-designed, cooling inlets too! Also a new airbox and the endplates look significantly different. 

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